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    Step Into The World Of Vibe God: The Fashionable Musician Doing It His Way

    Step Into The World Of Vibe God: The Fashionable Musician Doing It His Way

    Vibe God is a Los Angeles-based musician and style guru from Houston that is making his unique mark on the world.

    Since releasing his new “mini-album” Internet Candy in November of 2019, it proves to be a body of music that chronicles Vibe God’s story as an artist and human being moving from dark to light.

    The mini-album was produced by Swedish hitmakers QUFO. After recording a song called “Stampede,” Vibe God trolled Instagram until he stumbled upon QUFO and immediately decided to direct message them. An immediate connection happened and the Swedish hitmakers heard his music and told him to move to Los Angeles, paid for his studio time and developed a friendship and trust with him long before Vibe God knew who QUFO, the powerhouse producers even were. Having hits with artists such as No Doubt, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Agnes Carlsson and Hurts (among others,) they knew that Vibe God was unique and immediately planned to meet him to collaborate and help him share the music that would change his life.

    Now Vibe God is out with a new single “Mind Blank” that is catchy and captivating.


    We interviewed with Vibe God about his upbringing, journey as a musician, his love for fashion, and best advice for aspiring musicians.

    Where is your artistic home? What city, neighborhood or country helped inspire and inform your art?

    My artistic home is here in Los Angeles. Being in LA I met many multi-cultural individuals who each have shedded some light on my art path.

    What was the defining moment you realized you wanted to do music?

    Back in 2014, I had been preparing to release music, I fell in love with being a self-taught artist and was way ahead of my time.

    How did you get the name Vibe God?

    From a fan actually. It started off as just a comment on my IG post and that manifested into something bigger.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most?

    My daughter is my biggest inspiration. She’s always on me and encouraging me to handle my business. She’s a smart kid and deserves the world. 

    How much has your style changed since you started doing music?

    Tremendously, as my music got more vibey and cooler so did my style. They play hand and hand. I see it being even more next level in a few years.

    What’s the best part of being a musician?

    Really getting to touch others and regain musical trust with people all over the world.

    How do you feel artists stay relevant locally, nationally, or even globally?

    (PES) Perfectly Executed Strategies.

    The only difference between these levels is the support. The amount of support you can funnel helps relevance. 

    What medium or instrument is your favorite to work with and why?

    My favorite right now is guitars, I still haven’t had the chance to tap all the way in with it. I’ve heard some pretty cool riffs and sounds that I know could take my production to Mars. And guitars gets the ladies every time.

    As an emerging artist today, what would you say are some of the challenges you face?

    Getting on major platforms and major playlist and working with major artist to get that push you need.

    Music is all about expression, what do you like expressing in your work?

    Fun and Truth. These two components make a Vibe God record come to life.

    Name a few artists would you love to do a song with and why:

    Wiz Khalifa – stoners should always work together 

    Saint John – our music would literally single-handedly save lives

    Travis Scott – two Houstonians that’s just History for the home team 

    What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

    I stopped using forks and started using chopsticks for everything.

    What’s your best advice for aspiring musicians?

    Stay true to yourself and others who believe in you. No one is gonna help you. Be a leader and Take control of your greatness. 

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