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    Surprising Ways To Make Your Relationship Better

    Surprising Ways To Make Your Relationship Better

    Every relationship has ups and downs. And as with many other endeavors in life, there’s always room for improvement in relationships.

    There’s a ton of information out there on how to make your relationship better.

    The following ones are the most surprising ones.

    Take a break from each other

    Yes. As strange as it sounds, many experienced lovers know this is so true. And it works like magic. If you think your relationship needs some work, it’s got to be because you and your partner have decided that you won’t have a life outside each other. You always go like when pen meets paper.

    But this isn’t always the best for relationships. So if it feels choked in your relationship, take a break. If you currently see each other every day, bring it down to just twice a week. Use the extra time to pick a hobby, and learn a new skill. Your partner begins to assume a greater value when they are scarce. As one publication says, too much closeness can impede desires.

    Get off the phone and sleep at the same time

    It is ironic that phones can help your relationship and also ruin it. Partners can get in bed, and instead of talking or going to sleep, they will text with other people until late in the night. This kills the communication between partners. So get off the phone, switch them off if you have to, and sleep both at the same time.  This takes conscious effort but if you both lay down and face each other, watch each other become drowsy, it can become a thing for you.

    Are you bothered about the amount of time your partner spends on their phone engaging their socials? Do you find them speaking with you less and less? It is surprising to talk about the mobile phone this way, but you can make your relationship better by making arrangements to see each other rather than spend hours on the phone.

    Allow yourself to be vulnerable

    Surprising, right? Yes. We’ve all been taught not to let our weaknesses show—especially men. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable doesn’t suggest or mean allowing yourself to be used.

    This means an honest assessment and admission of your weakness, especially the ones that might impact your relationship negatively. For example, if you are one to stereotype others based on surface information, this may carry into your relationship where you judge your partner unfairly. Having an honest discussion about this tendency fosters understanding, empathy, and kindness. Or you may have a tendency to micromanage others, because of a fear of being lonely losing someone you love. It makes sense to talk about it and confess your deepest fears of losing your lover.

    Allowing yourself to be vulnerable also when it comes to sex is also important. Surprisingly, using adult sex toys can also help switch things up for you. It takes some learning if you are new to, say, dragon dildoes or dildos in general.


    Making a relationship work takes work and determination. Some like to leave things to chance and let things roll on the exhaust fumes of vibes. This doesn’t always work though. Although the above tips may sound like they will be counterproductive, you have to trust the human mind and its need for rarity. These tips have been tested, and they are trusted.

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