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    Useful Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Maintain Your Vape

    Useful Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Maintain Your Vape

    The beauty of vaping is being able to do it all day long without having the feeling of being overwhelmed by cigarette smoke.

    Since you are using your vape with different flavors throughout the day, it will need some cleaning so that it can continue working well. The worst part about cleaning a vape is when you have already let it sit for too long and dried out the coil making it even more difficult to clean.

    Some vapes come with their own designed brush but others are not. This article provides some useful tricks that will help keep your vape in good condition with minimal residue build-up over time.

    Vape Maintaining And Cleaning Accessories

    There are a lot of vape cleaning accessories that you can get your hands on to make the whole process easier for you. You can find several different tools in stores that are specially designed for maintenance and assembly, such as small brushes with ridged tips which make it easy to clear out any particles stuck inside your cartridge’s tube area. Most of the products from Gourmet E-Liquid are made from high-quality materials that won’t break or chip away easily. There is also a variety of wire gauges too so be sure to check them out if needed!

    One particularly helpful accessory is known as “the vape band” which has multiple functions depending on how you use it. For one, this band enables you to keep track of exactly how much e-liquid you have left before having to refill the cartridge again. It also acts as a sealant – if your tank’s cap is not tightly shut, this accessory will ensure that it does and prevent any spilling.

    Cleaning The Tank

    Although the tank may not need to be cleaned as often as the coil, it does need some good cleaning now and then. What you will want to do is remove your coil after each time you use it so that you can soak it in Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). Use a shallow bowl so that you can easily dunk the entire coil into the IPA. After 30 minutes or more of soaking, use a cotton swab with ridged tips to take out any leftover residue on your coil. You can also use this same method for cleaning vape pens with wicks instead of coils.

    Alternatively,  you can also soak the coil in white vinegar which helps to remove any buildup of e-liquid inside your tank. Just soak for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water. This method also helps to remove e-juice from your vape’s hard-to-reach places. However, make sure that your coil is completely dry before you re-assemble everything so that it will work properly.

    Cleaning The Cartridge

    When you use a vape cartridge, there are some unique benefits to cleaning it regularly. One of these is replacing any old cartridges that may not be providing you with a full vaping experience because of debris build-up on the coil which will affect the performance of your pen. Vape pens work by heating wax to release its ingredients in vapor form, therefore any excess residue in the tank will alter its taste when heated up again later on down the line.

    A harsh reality about wax is that it can get pretty messy once heated up enough (the substance melts). Wax is also known to leave a residue on virtually any surface it touches. Vibrant’s cartridges are made of glass so it’s easy for you to see if there is any residue build-up on the tank walls. If this should happen, clean it with warm soapy water or Isopropyl Alcohol. You can use a cotton swab with ridged tips to clear out any dried wax that may be stuck inside the cartridge’s tube area.

    Cleaning The Mouthpiece

    Most vapers will agree that the thing they hate most about vaping is getting their e-liquid or vape juice into their mouth. Therefore it makes sense to keep your vape’s mouthpiece clean at all times. Any excess residue on this part of your vaporizer can find its way into your mouth while you are using it which can potentially lead to health issues down the line. To clean the cartridge, use a cotton swab with ridged tips and Isopropyl Alcohol to get rid of any built-up residue clinging onto its threading areas.

    If there are any stains left on your cartridge, you can try cleaning them off with some mild soap or dishwashing liquid along with warm water. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly before allowing it to dry. To avoid any further build-up of residue, be sure that you do not overfill the cartridge as this will enable e-liquid to seep into its mouthpiece holes which can then flow right out and onto your mouth.

    Cleaning The Coil And Filling The Tank

    Before you begin assembling the vaporizer again after cleaning, make sure it is completely dry so that there isn’t any spilled e-juice or water getting into the battery compartment and becoming a potential hazard for you and your vape pen. Even if you plan on soaking your coil in IPA overnight, remember that it must still be allowed to dry completely before reassembling everything again.

    Once dry, you can re-assemble your vape pen so that it is ready to use. To do this, you will need a cartridge that has a coil attached and a tank with e-liquid inside. Make sure that the cap of the tank is closed tightly before filling it. To refill, heat some oil or wax to melt it down into liquid form while allowing for any sedimentary crystals which may have formed to liquefy as well. These tend to get stuck at the bottom of the container if left alone.

    Another helpful tip when using vaporizers with e-juice is to tilt the device slightly to one side for you to see if any e-liquid or water is leaking out of its tank. You can do this by placing it on your lap and gently shifting the vape upside down until its mouthpiece dips slightly so that you will be able to spot where any leaks are coming from. This process also allows excess juice trapped inside the cartridge’s top tube area to drip into the tank itself, thus requiring less effort to fill up that space in your cartridge which could otherwise affect vapor production when heated up once again.

    The best way to keep your vaporizers clean is to do so consistently. These simple tips should guide you through the process just fine, but if any other issues pop up then it’s always good to have a reference guide at hand. You should always remember to read the manufacturer’s manual of your vaporizer so that you will know how to properly use, maintain and take care of it. This will significantly increase the lifespan of your device and allow you to get the most out of what you have paid for.

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    • Emma
      June 30, 2022

      Thank you for sharing these tips, it’s much appreciated. These life hacks help extend the life of your vaporizer. I chose stiiizy for myself and found a lot of useful information here about – why is my stiiizy battery not lighting up, and a lot of other things that help me use it properly.

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