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    From Billie Eilish To Rosé: The Met Gala Outfits That Broke The Internet

    From Billie Eilish To Rosé: The Met Gala Outfits That Broke The Internet

    Fashion history has been made once again as the 2022 Met Gala took center stage across all our social feeds, timelines and TV screens, but which jaw dropping looks have made the biggest fashion-quake in recent years?

    From Billie Eilish’s nod to Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga black silhouette number, a new study by online art and design marketplace, SINGULART, looks at comprehensive social media data to discover which costumes from the first Monday in May have impressed the public most.

    In first place is Billie Eilish’s ode to Marilyn Monroe during 2021’s Gala, a look which harbored more than 19,504,437 engagements on one Instagram post.

    Sitting comfortably in both second and third place is the Jenner sisters, with Kendall’s Givenchy serve during 2021’s show collecting 13,636,021 total engagements on just one online post, allowing her to snag herself the second spot. Kylie’s 2019 Versace look came just behind in third place.

    The Top 15 Met Gala Outfits

    1. Billie Eilish (2021) in Oscar De La Renta (19,390,437 engagements)
    2. Kendall Jenner (2021) in Givenchy (13,577,897 engagements)
    3. Kylie Jenner (2019) in Versace (9,289,947 engagements)
    4. Kim Kardashian (2021) in Balenciaga (7,500,000 engagements)
    5. Rosé (2021) in YSL (7,199,617 engagements)
    6. Lili Reinhart (2021) in Christian Siriano (7,051,181 engagements)
    7. Justin Bieber (2021) in Amazon fashion (6,915,145 engagements)
    8. Gigi Hadid (2021) in Prada (6,831,041 engagements)
    9. Zendaya (2019) in Tommy Hilfiger (6,242,601 engagements)
    10. Kim Kardashian (2019) in Mugler (6,090,868 engagements)
    11. Olivia Rodrigo (2021) in Anthony Vaccarello (5,412,669 engagements)
    12. Rihanna (2021) in Balenciaga (5,300,585 engagements)
    13. Rihanna (2018) in Maison Margiela (4,674,968 engagements)
    14. Kendall Jenner (2019) in Versace (4,440,634 engagements)
    15. Shawn Mendes (2018) in Tommy Hilfiger (4,257,013 engagements)

    The stars which victoriously appear on the top 15 list more than once are Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Kim Kardashian, with Kim alone accumulating more than 13, 590,868 engagements across both looks.

    Billie Eilish (2021)

    Designer Oscar De La Renta is the genius behind Eilish’s iconic Marilyn Monroe dress which understandably rocked everyone’s world in 2021. In keeping with the year’s theme “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” De La Renta nod’s respectfully towards the poster child of the American dream, Marilyn Monroe.

    Kendall Jenner (2021)

    Channeling Audrey Hepburn, Kendall Jenner looks to the old Hollywood musical “My Fair Lady” during the 2021 Gala, all of which was made possible by Hubert de Givenchy. Outstandingly, Jenner made the list not once, but twice as 2019’s Gala gave witness to both Jenner sisters in extravagant feathers and bold colors, in keeping with the theme of the year.

    Kylie Jenner (2019)

    Speaking of Kylie’s 2019 appearance, the youngest of the Jenner sister-duo also afforded herself a top spot on the list. Rocking a bold lilac theme from head to toe, Kylie wears a bespoke Versace gown, complete with feathers, a chained body, and a matching wig.

    Kim Kardashian (2021)

    A look which perplexed the nation and entertained fashion-critics, Kim Kardashians blacked-out Balenciaga silhouette piece was the talk of the internet for the days following 2021’s Met Gala. Nonetheless, many interpret the statement as a nod to the TV-reality mogul herself, and how recognizable she is, even without her face on show.

    Rosé (2021)

    Blackpink’s Rosé, a household name in the world of K-Pop, also established herself in the top 15 of best dressed in recent times. Wearing a little black Yves Saint Laurent dress, this K-pop star turned our heads, collecting 72,555,17 total engagements on just one social media post.

    For more on the study, you can find the original article HERE.

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