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    Interesting Fashion Choices Men Can Check Out For Their Special Day

    Interesting Fashion Choices Men Can Check Out For Their Special Day

    Some men think they have limited options when they dress for their wedding.

    They don’t see but a black tuxedo with a black bowtie and that’s it, but the truth is they have a lot of fashion choices that will make them stand out from the crowd. Details are important when you pick a wedding suit or tuxedo as they can make or break your look. You need to put more thought into your special day to look as good as you feel. If you’re looking for interesting fashion choices for your wedding, here are some ideas that will help you look dashing.

    Match the Wedding’s Color Theme

    While planning for your wedding with your wife-to-be, take notes of what the color theme will be. Don’t go overboard while matching the theme as it might look awkward. Your bowtie, pocket square, or boutonniere can match the color theme which will make a simple yet elegant statement. These little things will grab attention to your tuxedo from the audience and your bride.

    Don’t Forget About the Fabric

    Using regular fabrics is fine but it won’t make you feel special. The type of fabric you choose will change the look of your tuxedo and everyone will notice the difference. Instead of worsted wool, opt for upgraded fabrics such as Super 130s or Super 100s as they are lightweight, look amazing, and will make you feel comfortable during the wedding. You want your bride to remember how you felt in your first dance and your first hug at the wedding.

    Add a Beautiful Boutonniere

    Flowers aren’t for women only at weddings as you can rock an eye-catching boutonniere to your tuxedo. Men used a single red rose for hundreds of years, but nowadays men can be as creative as they want with their pin choices. Adding the right set of flowers will elevate your look and make the bride happy you put the extra effort and thought into your tuxedo. If you are allergic or simply not into flowers, you can use a lapel pin to have the classic look.

    Forget Black

    Black is the safe choice as you can’t go wrong with it. However, you won’t go right or stand out on your special day. Try different colors and choose the right color for your tuxedo that will make it look unique and amazing. Wearing a mystic blue, midnight blue, or bright blue tuxedo will make you look stylish and sophisticated. Gray is an amazing color choice if you’re not into blue while tan is perfect for weddings at a tropical destination or by the beach.

    Mix and Match

    Why stick to one color when you can have two? You can mix and match your jacket and trousers to have a distinctive look that will make your tuxedo pop out at your wedding. Your choice of shirts won’t change as a white shirt is a must, but you can experiment with ties whether neckties or bow ties. It’s a tricky thing to do, so it’s safe to ask a fashion expert about the right combination of colors that will be great for a groom.

    Drop the Belt

    You don’t need a belt as tuxedos don’t have belt loops so you can get creative with an alternative. During the wedding, you might need to take off your jacket so you should put thought into what’s under the jacket. Suspenders give a classic and elegant look while a cummerbund adds sophistication to your outfit. You can go without any of these but you must pay special attention to your shirt.

    Pick Meaningful Cufflinks

    Cufflinks can be customized in various ways to show off something you love. It can be an heirloom to pay respects to a family member, or you can engrave your bride’s initials or an important date of yours (the day you met) to make the cufflinks meaningful. You can show off your favorite sport, team, color, hobby, or anything close to your heart through your cufflinks.


    After settling on what you will wear to your wedding, it’s time to see what accessories to wear to improve the look further. You can find various accessories to choose from when you pick your pocket square, vest, and socks. Whimsical socks can add a bit of fun to your look without ruining it.

    It’s essential to show off your style on your wedding day as it’s all about you and your bride. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices but keep them within limits. If you’re not sure if something you like will be appropriate, ask an expert in fashion to help you out. It’s important to feel and look the best on your special day.

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