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    Weddings During The Pandemic: How To Still Have A Beautiful Day

    Weddings During The Pandemic: How To Still Have A Beautiful Day

    The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all our lives albeit in varying degrees.

    One group in particular that has been really affected by the crisis is couples who want to get married.

    Most people have plainly put an indefinite wait on their wedding plans until the crisis is over. On the other hand, there are those that feel they cannot wait and want to tie the knot despite the pandemic.

    It is still possible to have a beautiful wedding day despite the pandemic. The following tips can help you do it:

    Have It Outside

    The best venue for a wedding during the pandemic is outdoors. The reason is that there is a lot of open space and natural ventilation which reduces the risk of the virus spreading. There have been many gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremonies even before the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, you should not lack ideas for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

    The biggest issue will be getting a great outdoor location. You may have to select a far-out place away from highly populated areas.

    Keep It Short

    If you want to have a wedding during the pandemic period, then it is better for you to keep it as short as possible. The longer people accumulate in one place, the higher the chances of virus transmission.

    The traditional wedding involved a church ceremony an hour or two long followed by a reception that lasted well into the night. However, that might not be possible or conducive during the pandemic. A short ceremony followed by a two-hour reception is ideal for a wedding during a pandemic. Just because the day will be shorter does not mean it has to be any less beautiful.

    Have a Small Wedding

    Another key tip for having a wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic is to keep it small. There are many factors that will influence the size of the ceremony including the location of the venue and the attendees allowed to the ceremony.

    There are many benefits to having a small wedding. You can find small wedding ideas in many different places, but still, most brides might be disappointed as they wished for a grand wedding.

    By inviting a small group of people, you significantly reduce the chance of anyone contracting the Coronavirus. Therefore, you should decide the small group of friends and family that you will be invited to the wedding as early as possible.

    Account for Physical Distancing

    You will need to plan for physical distancing in both the ceremony and reception. You simply cannot have people interact as they traditionally have during weddings. Therefore, the sitting arrangements will have to account for social distancing for example using every second seat instead of all of them. You can also place markings on the floor to encourage physical distancing among the attendees.

    Physical distancing will have several effects on the plans for your wedding such as more space. It will also mean higher expenses since you have to hire a larger venue and sparingly use items. So it’s important to properly plan the church seating as well as the table arrangements for your reception to make sure you have the proper distancing between guests.

    Explain the Rules to Everyone

    Though there will probably be a few people attending your wedding ceremony, there should still be rules of conduct due to the Coronavirus. You should ensure that everyone is apprised of the rules of the ceremony beforehand. The most important one will be testing and for those found to be sick to remain at home. It does not matter how important to the bridal party they are as long as they don’t put others in jeopardy.

    The same goes for you, the couple if you are feeling unwell. You will have to cancel the event until you feel better. A great way to tell the guests of the rules of the event will be in the invitation. You can simply slip in a page with the rules to be observed.

    Monitor Alcohol Consumption

    What is a wedding without alcohol, right? There will probably be drinking on your big day but during the pandemic, you would be wise to monitor the alcohol consumption. You should know how alcohol affects the Coronavirus and its host. Once you do, you can decide how much alcohol you can serve at the party.

    As a general rule, you should reduce the alcohol served during the wedding. The reason being that alcohol leads to lapses in judgement which might promote the spread of the virus. Having a wedding during the pandemic will be a new experience for most and will include a lot of rules as you can see. However, if you can follow the tips above, you should be safe. You can still have a beautiful and meaningful day with your friends and family to remember forever.

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