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    ABS2B Woman’s Fitness Apparel Promotes Healthy Mind and Body Lifestyle

    ABS2B Woman’s Fitness Apparel Promotes Healthy Mind and Body Lifestyle

    Founded by Amanda Ortega, a woman who battled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for years, ABS2B Fitness Apparel promotes a healthy mind and body lifestyle, empowering women to feel good and look good in their one-of-a-kind athletic line.

    “No two women have the same shape, and that is something to celebrate! Each of our pieces is custom-made in Miami with attention and care” says Amanda Ortega, founder and CEO.

    ABS2B Fitness Apparel was founded in 2013 by Ortega and has grown to have a following of over 180k brand fans on social media, in addition to receiving hundreds of reviews from happy customers on their online store. The entire line is designed and made in their Miami, FL factory, giving customers plenty of options to customize and tailor their leggings exactly to their liking. Their Famous Scrunch Booty Back Seam has revolutionized the industry and many women’s workout routines, giving a flattering look for every figure without sacrificing comfort.

    “I call ABS2B Fitness the ‘Brand of Champions’ because no matter if you are taking your first step in your fitness journey or you have been exercising all your life, you have made the choice to grow, and now who knows what you can overcome,” says Amanda Ortega, founder and CEO. “I have struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for a few years now and exercising has been a tremendous help in keeping it in check. This athletic line is about inspiring women to become strong, not only on the outside but in the inside as well.”

    After five years of success in a competitive market, ABS2B Fitness Apparel continues to be an industry favorite and plans to continue expanding.

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    • Dawn
      May 30, 2022

      Before you make a purchase, pull up customer reviews on this company and you will find an over abundance of unhappy people. If you ever need to send an item back they will not return your money or make it right. They will ghost you. I have found their products to be cheaply made.

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