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    Why Your Business Wardrobe Matters

    Why Your Business Wardrobe Matters

    It doesn’t matter where you are working or what job you are in, your wardrobe is going to matter.

    How you dress, the way you feel in your clothing, and what you wear all reflect who you are as a person.

    Making a good first impression is vital for your business success, and whether you are heading to meet an important client or starting a new job you need to ensure that your customers and colleagues are feeling as if you are someone that they can rely on.

    You may not think so, but what you choose to wear every single day will go towards determining who you are. How you choose to dress for work reflects your professionalism, so ensuring that you are choosing Alden shoes and the right tailoring in your suits is important.

    Let’s take a look at while your business wardrobe matters:

    • There are three different wardrobe types when it comes to your business. Business formal is the highest possible standard of business attire that you could repair required to follow. This means no bright colors or patterns, ties, and tailored suits. It’s always important to maintain high professional standards when you are seeing clients, so remember that when you’re pulling on your suit that day. The next type is business professional which is more casual than business formal but it’s a dress code that says you conform to a high professional standard. The last is business casual – this is what you wouldn’t want to wear during a business meeting.
    • Your image is important. If you are starting a business or you are running a business or you’re simply running your own desk when you turn up to a meeting you want people to feel empowered and intimidated by what you were. It doesn’t mean you’re overpowering anybody, but it does mean that you can show them “yes I am a professional individual and this is what I’m wearing to reflect that”. Suit trousers with a T-shirt is a good idea if you are going to a casual meeting, but it’s not a good idea every day for the dress code for the office.
    • You find your place in the business. If you identify the dress code of the business before you get there, you will find your place. You don’t want to turn up in a stuffy three-piece business suit for a business retreat because you’ll find that retreats are often way more casual than that. You do, however, want to start buying business suits if you are planning to chair lots of meetings or you are conducting a lot of interviews. These are the situations where your dress code really doesn’t matter.
    • It gives you confidence. If you are wearing the right wardrobe styles you are going to give yourself so much more confidence than you think you are. You’re going to be able to choose to work alongside a personal fashion stylist who can take the stress out of shopping and ensure that your business attire reflects your personal style. Giving yourself confidence while you work is vital for your success.

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