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    How The Internet Changed Our Lives For The Better

    How The Internet Changed Our Lives For The Better

    Humankind is no stranger to transformation.

    Since the dawn of time, humans have been evolving to make better use of their surroundings, utilizing all tools at their disposal in their strive toward survival. This survival instinct gradually transformed into the curiosity that moved humanity toward great discoveries.

    We discovered steam and went through the industrial revolution, only to embark upon the sparks of what would soon become the most significant invention in the history of humankind: the internet. Ever since the World Wide Web foundations were first laid down in the late 1950s, the world as we knew began changing at an unprecedented pace. Here’s how the internet has managed to change our lives for the better ever since then.

    Globalization of Businesses

    Let’s start with how the internet has impacted the world of business. Once upon a time, the only way to scale up your business was to hang up flashy signs and hand out flyers to any passersby. Only the wealthiest businessmen had an opportunity at scaling their businesses; they were the only ones who could afford to travel to foreign countries or invest in luxurious marketing, like billboard signs.

    If you look at businesses nowadays, virtually anyone can start a business with the least capital and upfront costs. Anyone with competitive skills can start a business in their home or garage and offer their services worldwide. This globalization of business made it possible for students and freelancers to deal with foreign currencies seamlessly. Today, all anyone needs is a fast internet connection and essential digital marketing knowledge to operate a successful business.

    Digitization of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors

    Even the way we take care of our health has transformed. First of all, our health awareness has dramatically improved, thanks to the abundance of information available online. Whether in Canada, the US, or pretty much anywhere in the world, we can now order our medications online or look for online alternatives to our prescription drugs at a more affordable price. The way we connect with our physicians has also evolved; follow-ups and sessions can now be done through communication applications. Speaking of applications, many smartphone apps enable patients to log their habits, medications, and regimen compliance protocols. Moreover, smart wearable devices have been invented to help everyone take better care of their health.

    Impact on the Workplace

    The workplace has also significantly changed. Routine 9 to 5 jobs still exist, but the work-from-home force is rising exponentially. We would have never survived something like the recent coronavirus pandemic without the internet. The internet services such as Centurylink internet, made it possible for work to proceed as usual with minor setbacks, which were quickly overcome and turned around. Even before the lockdown adaptations, the work-from-home scene had been rising in popularity for employees and employers alike. It also makes freelancing and starting a side gig easy and accessible for anyone, allowing them to make some extra cash while following a lifestyle of their choice.

    Accessibility of Education

    The recent pandemic has forced us to shift our educational models to be digitized and automated once again. Before the pandemic, anyone had access to online educational material for self-development and improvement. Still, the lockdown has fortified this system and given rise to more durable online educational platforms. Thanks to the internet, you can have access to course materials from the most reputable universities across the globe, some of which you’ll need to pay for, but many of which are free of charge.

    Advancement of the Fintech Sector

    Banks will always be banks; you’ll have to pay them a visit every once in a while. However, that doesn’t mean that the financial sector has been left behind in the digital revolution. If anything, they’re leading the revolution with their online banking systems and services. Meanwhile, the invention of the decentralized cryptocurrency is also shaking up the world in more than one way.

    Consumer Behavior and Shopping Habits

    Consumers have always had their own behaviors and habits. Ever since the internet had made way for eCommerce to thrive, consumers were fast to join the wagon. Nowadays, you can order any kind of item from basically any country around the globe, and be sure that the global shipping system will transport it to your doorstep.

    Summarizing the way the internet has impacted our lives can be near impossible. The World Wide Web has managed to make its way into every aspect of our lives, improving the way we operate our businesses, work, learn, access healthcare, manage our finances, and shop. Its impact runs deep into our lifestyle and habits, transforming the way we view life altogether.

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