5 Young Logo Makers To Keep An Eye On

    Have you ever realized how much a company’s logo affects consumers?

    Although not many recognize it, that’s exactly what clients notice first, and it is also what they associate with a brand.

    Consumers can recognize different brands by simply looking at their logos. And, even if a person doesn’t know a particular company yet, in many cases, one can easily guess the nature of business after looking at this image. A logo is a vital element of branding.

    In this article, we are going to tell you why it matters and share a few inspiring examples of young designers to keep an eye on. Let’s dive in!

    The Role of Logo Design for Business’s Success

    What defines the success of an enterprise in the modern business landscape? Today, when most entities are going digital, the ways of communicating with the audience and marketing a brand are changing rapidly.

    The brand image in the online world is now important as never. And what does help in creating a solid image in the digital world? It is the content, both visual and written. Everything is pretty much clear with the written content. It covers the information provided on the company’s website and blog, posts in social media, and even emails the company sends.

    One way to ensure flawless content is to order it from professionals at, a specialized writing service that has a huge pool of pro writers. Experts from this service will help you generate lots of top-level content fast and easily.

    However, when it comes to visual content, things are a bit more complicated. Visual content covers a huge array of objects, but the biggest role is played by a logo. It is pretty much the face of a business. It is often the first thing that prospects notice about your company, which is why it is much more than just an image. It is the base of your branding that can make the company look trustworthy and professional.

    Top 5 Aspiring Logo Makers to Keep an Eye On

    Given the big role a logo plays in business success, no wonder why companies entrust the design matters to professionals. Indeed, the services of logo makers are in high demand these days.

    If you are looking for a talented designer to entrust the creation of your logo, don’t rush to seek specialists with 10+ years of experience because.

    These top five young designers are definitely worth your attention:

    Camille Armstrong

    Camille Armstrong is a graphic designer from Owensboro, KY. Camille has just created her account on Dribble and shared the first designs a few weeks ago. Camille’s works are stylish, sleek, and minimalistic. She is clearly talented, so it is one inspiring young artist to keep an eye on.


    Another talented beginner is Godizayn from Rabat, Morocco. Godizayn has been a member at Dribble for only a year now, but already has a decent portfolio of works.

    In his portfolio, you can see a variety of logo designs completed in different styles and created for businesses from ranging sectors. There are some plain and simple designs that fascinate with their minimalism. At the same time, there are a few bright, eye-catchy, and complicated concepts, browsing which you can find it extremely hard to look away.

    Igor Mitrohin

    Our next pick of promising logo makers is Igor Mitrohin from Kazan, Russia. Igor is a young specialist, who’s been on Dribble since March 2020.

    Currently, Igor’s portfolio consists of only nine shots. However, looking at them, you can already say he can go a long way in this industry. Designs created by Igor are very simple, but yet creative and inspiring.

    Julie Enez

    Another young specialist to keep an eye on is Julie Enez from Brussels, Belgium. Julie has already gained some experience in working on actual projects. According to her account on Behance, she never fails to meet the audience’s expectations as her works collect quite many likes as for a beginner.

    Looking at Julie’s portfolio, you can say she had already mastered several flows in design. She has some high-quality minimalistic projects, as well as some very creative and unique works. Definitely a specialist worth checking!

    Youness Soufyani

    The last logo maker on our list, though not least promising one, is Youness Soufyani from Temara, Morocco. As other designers from our list, Youness stands out with his bright, colorful, and creative works.

    His portfolio includes some really interesting projects that surprise with the abundance of color and his signature cartoonish style. At the same time, Youness also has some eye-catchy simple designs that are also worth attention.

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