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    These artists are creating waves with sounds that are distinctly their own.

    During the 15th anniversary of Outside Lands, The Fox Magazine interviewed Izzy to discuss her journey, latest single Flower Power, experiences from tour, performing at Lollapalooza with Odesza, her upcoming album, and much more.

    Born in Coventry and based in London, the 18-year-old is ready to ruffle some industry feathers.

    We spoke with A!MS to get the inside scoop on his music journey, single Champione, and unreleased projects.

    Hailing from Pompano Beach, Florida, iCandy been making music since she was 13 years old… and now her time is finally here.

    Her arsenal of records is ready to go, all credit to her collaborations with Grammy & Oscar winning & up & coming hot producers alike, this is just a taste of the ultra-talented, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter Amanda Holley. 

    Blending various elements of R&B, pop, soul, and Afrobeats, K.ZIA is not afraid to stretch musical bounds and create influential pieces of art.

    The latest and greatest music from unique artists also are featured on our Release Radar playlist.