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    Canadian Singer-Songwriter Emi Jeen Releases New Track: Other Side

    Canadian Singer-Songwriter Emi Jeen Releases New Track: Other Side

    Montreal-based Emi Jeen has just released a new personal single, ‘Other Side,’ taken from her EP of the same name.

    This engaging new track, inspired by the artist’s personal experience, means to unite the world.


    “I’ve experienced bullying and have let a lot of people control me in the past, which led me to struggle with building self confidence,” Emi Jeen reveals. “I wouldn’t argue with anyone, and do everything that people said I should do. I never knew how to stand up for myself or have an opinion. I felt like I had to shut up and look pretty all the time.”
    Lately, when Jeen started experiencing the same thing all over again, she told herself,
    “Enough is enough, it’s time to wake up. I can’t keep letting people tell me what to do with my life, it’s destroying me.”
    Jeen affirms that ‘Other Side,’ taken from ‘The Other Side’ EP (out now), is a manifesto to the world, telling that we are all done with the hate, control, racism, sexism, and dictatorship that is going on globally.
    “It doesn’t matter where you are from, what color you are, or what you believe in,” she says. “We are all warriors, and we will fight together. We will no longer stay inside the box and keep quiet.”
    ‘The Other Side’ EP is Jeen’s first project that’s finally coming up to life and is seeing the world. She revealed that she had written a 14-track album before this one, but trashed it for many reasons.
    “This project is truly me and my past experiences – feelings and emotions that I have kept for so many years,” she adds. “I feel a bit naked in public to let these stories into the world, but at the same time I feel a huge sense of relief.”
    Listen to ‘The Other Side’ EP on your preferred streaming platform.

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