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    Got U by Feelz Out Now

    Got U by Feelz Out Now

    Feelz’s new single “Got U” feat. Ceara Cavalieri is out now.

    The single released on January 14th, 2022, but you can listen to it HERE.

    Feelz’s start in the music industry began during his years as a college student playing DJ sets at many of the local clubs and bars. After gaining hometown popularity, he began performing alongside major-label musicians and DJs from around the world. Some of the artists include (but are not limited to) Waka Flocka Flame, Slander, and Allison Wonderland. Feelz played on tours such as “Paint Gone Wild” and the “Glo Paint Party.”

    Feelz is living up to the name with the brand new single “Got U.” This spacey new track will immediately have you reflecting on your own past relationships. His lyrics are evaluating and honest. They are matched to a dreamy musical landscape and the muted drop after the chorus gives the song an unparalleled intensity while still keeping in tone with the message of the song. Ceara Cavalieri’s vocals come through crystal clear.

    She has a distinctive texture to her voice that is so cohesive to the energy and purpose of this song. This song is gut-wrenchingly ambiguous. Every listen pulls out different emotions: sadness, nostalgia, want, angst, and need to cling to what once was. “Got U” paints a picture of the complexity of heartbreak.

    His most recent single “The One (ft. DeVries)” has been highly acclaimed by several large media outlets and his latest single “Waiting For You” ft. Lena Luisa is already at an astounding number of streams and is gathering streams rapidly. You can listen to the single HERE. The two singles released are nearly at a million total streams in just 6 months.

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