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    Hip Hop Artist Hyphen Makes Return With New Single: Celebrate

    Hip Hop Artist Hyphen Makes Return With New Single: Celebrate

    BBC Asian Networks Sound of 2020, Hyphen, makes his jazz-infused return with his new single, ‘Celebrate.’

    The London-based young rapper released this new track on streaming platforms on March 27th.


    Hyphen couldn’t have released this track at a better time. Encouraging people to celebrate the little things when there seems to be very little to be happy about, ‘Celebrate’ is an anthem to get us through these strange times.

    On an Instagram post, Hyphen said he “didn’t realize there would be a pandemic when [he] was planning to release a song called ‘Celebrate’ […] It’s all pretty scary, and that’s on top of an already fairly terrible global outlook on pretty much everything. But potentially that’s the point. Celebrate is the sound of trying to find personal happiness even if things are crumbling.”

    Speaking more on the track, Hyphen explains:

    “The world is an awful place. The news exists to terrify you, and I can’t think of a single person, regardless of political views, who likes any politicians. I personally spend a lot of time thinking how to be happy despite the harsh realities of life. I love how music can provide a respite when everything is going wrong.”

    The artist wanted this song to be a “celebration even when there is not that much to celebrate.”

    “The line which I think summarizes the message of the song is ‘If we’re still alive, then we celebrate,’ Hyphen adds. “Wars, protests, sports events and music are probably the only things that bring large groups of people together – music is the only one where most of the people in that context are happy. I wanted this song to help create that celebratory atmosphere.”

    In just six months, Hyphen has gathered quite the collection of accolades, and has made a name for himself on the live music scene.

    Uniquely in the world of rap, Hyphen performs alongside a 6-piece live jazz band.

    Using his music as a platform to maintain a conversation on mental health, the rapper frequently finds solace in songwriting and is not afraid to address and share his personal aperture.

    Having single-handedly raised over £6,500 for New Horizons, a charity that works to alleviate homelessness in London, he also performed for Sanctus, a mental health charity, to raise awareness for depression in young men. Now, Hyphen is working with Young Minds, a charity which helps raise awareness for mental health issues in young people. He will be hosting talks at secondary schools in the UK to share his experiences.

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