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    I’d Rather Be At Home: Caleb LaDuke’s New Song About Going Home Early Will Keep You Staying Out Late

    I’d Rather Be At Home: Caleb LaDuke’s New Song About Going Home Early Will Keep You Staying Out Late

    Pop-based R&B artist Caleb LaDuke releases a new summer song and accompanying visualizer “I’d Rather Be at Home,” serving as a nod to those with social anxiety who wish they could be the life of the party but are more comfortable at home.

    The music video for “I’d Rather Be at Home” was a visual collaboration between LaDuke and fellow creative Spencer Kane (Jon Keith, Nic D.). The Spotify Canvas, also produced by Kane, is an inside look at the video.

    Produced by Sajan Nauriyal and penned by LaDuke, Nauriyal, and Turner Burnett, “I’d Rather Be at Home” is a testament to the feeling of not quite fitting in but trying to have a fun night while dealing with memories of the past. With a bittersweet and upbeat chorus to bridge pop melody with deep, heartfelt verses, LaDuke once again shows the duality of his songwriting style.

    “I knew right when we first started writing that Caleb had something special to his artistry,” said Nauriyal. “He’s able to communicate very honest and relatable thoughts in a way unique to himself. Aside from having a well of endless ideas, he works incredibly quickly which makes the creative process really effortless.”

    With LaDuke’s infectious vocals and signature falsetto turns, this moving and anthemic pop song gets you moving right away. You won’t be able to help but dance at a party around friends or just at home by yourself.

    Reflecting on the song’s meaning, LaDuke said, “I used to have a lot of social anxiety and anytime I would be at a social gathering I would be wishing I was at home. Sometimes the pressure of having to come up with things to say in conversation would overwhelm me to the point where I would just leave.” The song’s upcoming music video illustrates this sentiment, with LaDuke surrounded by a lively party while singing to us from the couch.

    As LaDuke explores his past anxieties through this track, he opens up about the raw emotions backing the lyrics.

    In “I’d Rather Be at Home”, the lyrics that most affect LaDuke are “Alcoholism runnin’ in my family.”

    “Often, when I would be anxious at parties, I would just get drunk in order to cope. I would feel the buzz and all the anxiety would start to slip away. I loved that feeling and became dependent on it in social situations.”

    “I’d Rather Be at Home” is out now on all platforms. Follow Caleb LaDuke on social media or visit his website to stay updated on his upcoming summer releases.

    About Caleb LaDuke

    Caleb LaDuke is a Nashville-based R&B/Pop artist known for his falsetto vocals mixed with a dark Hip-Hop base. Raised in Pittsburgh, Caleb started writing and performing at the age of 15. As an independent artist, Caleb’s goal is to encourage people to embrace their flaws and shortcomings and use them to create something beautiful.

    In 2020, Caleb released his first EP and second EP, as well as a music video for the lead single “Down in Oceans.” In 2022, Caleb released his first full-length album “Fragile” alongside multiple single collaborations. Catch up with Caleb LaDuke on any streaming platform and be on the lookout for more to come this year.

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