Maydien’s ‘Maytrix’ EP Out Now

    The EP features singles “Maytrixand “Something Special” (feat. Ayelle).

    Following on from singles “Maytrix” and “Something Special” feat. Ayelle, Dutch artist Maydien releases his latest EP, Maytrix.

    “Super Sick” is the third single to lead the EP release. Produced by ROMderful, Maydien says, “I needed funk on the EP. The instrumental gave me a goofy vibe and made me add humor to it. The chorus is catchy and makes it stick. It never bores me!”

    Addressing the EP as a whole, Maydien continues, “People always call me May. I see my songs as tricks. I wanted to show my diversity on this project and that connected me with the movie ‘The Matrix’. I found a way to use some elements and managed to balance that out within my stories.”

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