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    Karine Hannah Puts A New Spin on Van Halen’s ‘Jump’

    Karine Hannah Puts A New Spin on Van Halen’s ‘Jump’

    Karine Hannah has a new take on Van Halen’s “Jump”.

    The song is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

    “As this is a cover song, and originally an uptempo rock song that I re-imagined as a tender ballad, I heard the lyrics in a new way. The song takes on a whole new meaning since I recorded it.

    My interpretation talks about wanting a relationship with someone who I love who is not all in, and reciprocating, because he is having a tough time in life, and it’s hard to give to someone else when you’re not in a good place. And it’s me deciding to go for it , to jump in and try to get him to be with me.”

    Karine’s new cover of Van Halen’s hit “Jump” strips away the wildness of David Lee Roth, and instead pulls at your heartstrings as this up-beat classic power ballad goes classical. Instead of the use of an attentive synth, the music flows through a beautiful piano melody.

    These simplistic instrumentals allow Karine’s soulful, honest voice to shine through. Karine’s voice is filled with elements of an authentic 80s ballad with a mix of grit, glottal attacks, and rasp. Van Halen’s “Jump” is a song that had us want to dance madly, but Karine gives us a more tender perspective of the lyrics. “You gotta roll with the punches to get to what’s real” now feels like a sentimental ballad, and allows us to relive the classics in a more honest fashion.

    Growing up in Canada, and at the age of sixteen, Karine Hannah’s performance on a Canadian television show caught the eye of none other than Celine Dion. The world-renowned diva went on to ask Karine to perform at her wedding.

    Karine relocated to New York City. Within weeks of moving to the Big Apple, she linked up with none other than Jim Steinman [Meat Loaf, “Bat Out Of Hell”) and began collaborating with him. For the next few years, nearly every major label courted her, but she didn’t find a home until Cash Money Records/Republic Records/Universal music co-founders Ronald “Slim” Williams and Bryan “Baby” Williams heard a recording from her in their lawyer’s office and signed her.  She is their one and only signed artist that is a pop artist.

    Karine nods her vocal influences to legends such as Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Holiday, and  as well as French and European artists she heard on the radio as a child. As a result, she’s got something completely her own and electrifying.

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    Karine Hannah Puts A…

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