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    New Singles From Hanne Mjøen And Judy Blank: Fall Apart And Confetti

    New Singles From Hanne Mjøen And Judy Blank: Fall Apart And Confetti

    Alt-pop queen Hanne Mjøen and indie-folk sensation Judy Blank have both released new songs.

    Hanne’s new single “Fall Apart” features her fears of falling deeply in love, while Judy’s EP “Confetti” is centered around potential struggles when it comes to fame.

    The first single is one by Norwegian alt-pop queen Hanne Mjøen. You may already know her, but if not, I would like to introduce you to this incredibly talented young woman. Hanne’s video of “Sounds Good to Me” (2018) has over 2.1 million views on YouTube and she has already more than 23 million streams on Spotify! Last year she released the critically acclaimed song “Hell With You.”

    Now there is a new stunning track: “Fall Apart.” We see Hanne falling in love and how much that scares her, as she explains: In many ways, I feel like I lose myself, cause suddenly another person is the main character of my life, and being with that person is more important than being me.”

    The second release is of Dutch indie-folk sensation Judy Blank. She is about to release a new EP called “Saddies” in April (under embargo till March 14th). In December she launched the first single “Karaoke” of it, which came with a real karaoke video!

    Now it’s time for the second single: “Confetti.” The song was co-written with LA-based collaborator Jordan Garfield (Duncan Laurence) and sees Blank stepping up to the spotlight with a metaphorical outlook on mental health struggles. “Would I get tired of old confetti sticking to my clothes? / If every day was like a party, it wouldn’t be as fun to go.”

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