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    There’s Something About Hayden James

    There’s Something About Hayden James

    Singer, songwriter, and producer Hayden James, originally from Sydney, Australia creates R&B-influenced downtempo electronic pop music as well as more club-minded remixes.

    His songs typically feature dope synthesizers, delicate melodies, and sensual vocals, while his remixes for artists such as Odesza and Basecamp incorporate elements of trap and deep house music.

    Released by Australian label Future Classic in 2013 was the Balearic disco single “Permission to Love.” The single became popular worldwide, with attention hitting #1 most blogged on Hype Machine. The track earned extensive radio airplay in Australia, and soon became the centerpiece of James’ self-titled five-song EP, which also featured the single “Embrace.” Following extensive touring and remixes, James released “Something About You,” which gained more Australian airplay as well as charting in several European countries.

    In 2016, there were 315 years of James’ music streamed on Spotify. That’s MAJOR. It doesn’t stop there, James joined the Groovin’ the Moo 2017 music festival, an experience on a lot of people’s bucket list.


    Follow his journey!



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