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    Tips For Monetizing Your Videos And Making More Money

    Tips For Monetizing Your Videos And Making More Money

    Source Digital, a leader in providing innovative video advertising, shares insider tips to help increase profit.

    Online advertising is something that most companies engage in today and is one of the areas that has become a focal point for many marketers.

    However, advertising via video is currently limited to “pre-roll” video ads, that we can’t wait to skip, or annoying “pop-under” banners that always seem to pop into your video experience at just the wrong time. Yet, in this post-pandemic era, where video content has become king, they are a necessary evil to continue to message and stay relevant. Yet, the impact and effectiveness of these formats are in decline. Just having pre-roll advertising videos is simply not enough in today’s tech-savvy world.

    The good news is that there are new intra-video engagement and advertising formats that are quickly emerging. When such technology has been released, it allows the user to choose to engage in different types of ancillary messaging that happens within the content of the video, keeping the user on the page and in the experience. It is this type of emerging technology that will provide additional opportunities marketers can utilize to improve monetization and earn more through video advertising.

    “It’s important that people learn how to effectively monetize their videos so that they can earn money, increase sales, or meet whatever messaging or increased engagement goal they are trying to achieve,” explains Hank Frecon, the chief executive officer of Source Digital.  “The cool thing with Source is that we can help you monetize your current video library, you don’t need to go reshoot an ad video a certain way or with a special camera.”

    Here are some tips for monetizing your videos and making more money:

    • Start by having great content, then enhance the experience. People are not going to sit through videos that are not of interest to them. Use technology, like Source, that allows content creators to actually go back in time and add additional information on characters, locations, etc. to create a more in-depth viewing experience.
    • Hire the right help. Companies that are serious about using video advertising will hire people who create videos, actors, directors, etc, but they often overlook hiring the right marketing people who will help them with their advertising effectiveness. It’s important to work with a company that specializes in improving the monetization of video marketing.
    • Improve user experience by adopting new ways to engage the viewer. When users have a good experience, they will continue watching, buy more, and take more action. It’s important to ensure that your videos provide a dynamic experience to keep users actively engaged. The Source technology brings the ability to add an extra layer of information (similar to VH1 pop-up video) in addition to ancillary opportunities for outside brands/advertisers to pay to have their messaging included in the actual content of the video.
    • Convert people and actions. The goal should be to turn viewers into customers and turn data into dollars with engaging content.  Once you make the commitment to do that, you can then move forward with the steps that it takes to be successful.
    • Get people excited. Focus on the content and the creative, if you put out something that people will want to share with others, you will increase your video advertising revenue and return on investment. If you added a convenient way of shopping for anything that you saw in the video, with SAMS (Source Activated Moments) for example, you can share a specific moment or brand you love within the video directly to your social media!

    Through Source Digital’s video advertising technology, it has found ways to actively engage viewers, which makes all the difference. The simple video overlay is compatible with any type of video player and allows for the creation of monetizable opportunities or additional layered levels of engagement. Each element is timed according to when there is a high probability of interest from the viewer or when the viewer clicks on an item to purchase or gestures to learn more about the featured product. Source Digital has seamlessly intertwined video advertising with the video the viewer is watching so that there is a more enjoyable and less disruptive experience for the viewer. This leads to more active engagement and an increase in monetization potential.

    Source Digital has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help create a more engaging and effective video advertising experience.

    Developed by seasoned technology leaders and inventors, Source Digital delivers a new era of contextual commerce and advertising. Offering the first in-video, contextually driven, frictionless acquisition experience, Source Digital’s technology allows content creators, owners, brands, and retailers to seamlessly engage with viewers across any device or screen in real-time. An immersive approach to the interactive video, Source Digital’s patented technology inspires brand loyalty organically through continuous, personalized engagement, reducing audience drift while yielding nuanced measurements and substantially increased avenues for monetization.

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