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    55% Of Gen Z Want To Make Gaming A Family Tradition

    55% Of Gen Z Want To Make Gaming A Family Tradition

    November was a big month for gaming anniversaries.

    With Halo and Super Smash Bros. Melee recently celebrating anniversaries, the team at GetCenturyLink wondered: Which video game is best for family bonding, and how does gaming affect family relationships?

    GetCenturyLink surveyed 1,000 Gen Z Gamers and 1,000 American parents aged 25 and older and found that 33% of Gen Z said playing video games makes them feel closer to their family and 55% want to make gaming a family tradition.

    Which game is best for family relationships? Both parents and young adult gamers chose Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as their favorite game to play as a family. View the full report HERE.

    The report reveals how Gen Z and parents across America believe their gaming habits impact family relationships. Recent data shows that 74% of parents play video games with their children every week. This made the GetCenturyLink team wonder how gaming together impacts families.

    GetCenturyLink conducted two surveys via Pollfish for this report—one surveyed 1,000 American parents 25 and older and the other surveyed 1,000 Gen Z gamers ages 16-24. They asked both groups about their gaming habits and how they perceive those habits impact their familial relationships.

    GetCenturyLink is one of the largest online authorized sales agents of CenturyLink products. At GetCenturyLink they make it a priority to keep up to date on the latest gaming news.

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    55% Of Gen Z Want To…

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