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    EMF Radiation Effects On Health And How to Prevent It

    EMF Radiation Effects On Health And How to Prevent It

    Technology has exponentially changed our lives over the years, so much so that we have become completely dependent on it.

    While it has helped us lead better and more productive lives, technology also had some serious effects. People becoming too reliant on technology has cost them many of their essential motor and survival skills. On top of that, technology inherently has serious effects on our health, mostly due to electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and the radiation they emit.

    Here are some of their effects on human health and how you can protect yourself:

    Possible Relation to Cancer

    EMF radiation has always been controversial, and a lot of research is still being done on the matter. Several studies indicate that this radiation might have carcinogenic effects on human health, meaning it could lead to cancer. Take your cellphone for example. We use our cellphones every day, and those emit a significant dose of EMF radiation that we’re constantly being exposed to. Some studies have associated this high exposure to EMF with glioma, which is a type of cancer that affects the brain and spinal cord. Other studies have linked the radiation to occurrences of leukemia in adult populations.

    Neurological Problems

    Significant exposure to EMF radiation can affect your nervous system, which, in turn, will reflect on your neurological functions. So, you might start experiencing problems with your sleep, which is one of the reasons why experts advise insomnia patients to not use cellphones hours before they sleep. In the morning, you might experience unusual feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, and you might find it difficult to concentrate. These are all signs that you might be experiencing complications from high exposure to EMF radiation.

    For those just learning about emf radiation, the information can be overwhelming. This guide helps you understand all of the necessary details of it.

    It doesn’t stop there, unfortunately. You could also start experiencing memory problems, dizziness, headaches, unexpected bouts of depression that might linger on, anxiety, and other disorders. This is why it is important that you try to avoid EMF radiation or, at the very least, mitigate its problems.

    How to Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation

    Mitigate the effects

    You need to try to minimize the impact that electronic devices in your home have on your health. This means shielding yourself whenever possible from electronic devices that you’re not using or turning them off. Unfortunately, that is not always an option with some devices like the smart meter installed by the utility company in your house to measure your energy usage. As this full guide explains, your best option for this problem is shielding the meter with a cover made out of fabric. For further peace of mind, you can even purchase covers made solely for this purpose. This will help you minimize the EMF radiation coming from it, which can reduce the possible side effects.

    On the other hand, if you’re not actively using a certain device and you can turn it off, then always do so. TVs, stereos, computers, and any electronics that are not presently being used around your house should be regularly turned off. Even your Wi-Fi service needs to be turned off if you’re not using it since it emits significant radiation all the time.

    Minimize Contact With Electronics

    As we mentioned earlier, electronics have become an indispensable part of our lives, and we can’t really live without our cell phones or laptops. But you can lessen their effects by minimizing the contact you have with them. For instance, when you hold the phone and talk, your body absorbs much of the EMF radiation from the phone. This is why it is better to talk using headsets or even a landline.

    You should also add a cover to your smartphone to minimize contact between your hands and the device. Most of us sleep with our phones next to us, which is a very bad idea. You’re not using it in your sleep, so keep it in a separate room. You will probably start sleeping a lot better after you do.

    If you can’t decide between using your phone and protecting your cells, you are in luck! Here is a comprehensive guide to the best anti-radiation cases on the market.


    In case you don’t know what that means, earthing is one of the most popular ways to cleanse your body of EMF radiation. You just put your bare feet on the ground, and the earth will provide you with negatively charged electrons that can help detox your body of EMF radiation.

    As you can see, EMF radiation is a serious thing, and it could have real consequences on your body. Just because you sleep next to your phone every day doesn’t mean there’s no problem. EMF radiation is there, and it is probably doing damage to your body; you just don’t know it yet. This is why these practices are important, and what’s more important is that you do them regularly.

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