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    How This Former Zynga Manager Is Reinventing The Future of Live Streaming

    How This Former Zynga Manager Is Reinventing The Future of Live Streaming

    Ari Evans, the CEO and Founder of Maestro, a white-label engagement and analytics platform that enables enterprise live streamers to create engaging fan experiences while capturing robust data.

    Before he was leading the Maestro team, Ari served as a product manager at Zynga where he integrated brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and NCAA into CityVille, the most popular game on Facebook during his tenure. Ari now oversees Maestro’s strategic direction, product development, and business partnerships. His trailblazing efforts have been essential in developing groundbreaking strategies that have penetrated the explosive e-sports and gaming industry–onboarding titans such as PlayStation, Microsoft, ESL and many more.

    The future of live streaming is interactive and Maestro has invented a new category of live experiences which is rooted in creating two-way dialogues between broadcasters and their audiences. Maestro transforms live streaming into a meaningful tool for business growth. Live streamers use the platform to create engaging experiences fans love, with a data feedback loop to better understand audience behavior and drive business metrics.

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    How This Former Zyng…

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