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    Surprising Portable Items That Are Useful For Everyday Life

    Surprising Portable Items That Are Useful For Everyday Life

    If you had told someone even 50 years ago that one day their television, their telephone, their bank account, and even their supermarket would all be contained in one device that fits in their pocket, they would probably have looked at you like you were mad.

    The development of modern technology, and in particular smartphones, has tested the boundaries of what was previously thought to be impossible. There has been an unbelievable societal shift in what we take for granted as being everyday conveniences. But whilst portable telephones and even portable movie theaters seem as normal to us now as the clothes on our back, there are other items that you may be surprised to hear have been adapted into portable versions.

    Here are five the most Innovative and in some ways surprising portable things that you come by today.

    1. Portable Toilets (and they’re not what you’re imagining!)

    Let’s be honest, on the face of it, it’s a genius idea. After all, how many of us have found ourselves caught short in the most inconvenient place and at the most inconvenient time. What better invention than a toilet that you can take with you? We are not talking about regular portable toilets, one might find at a festival or a camping site, we are talking about toilets in a suitcase! Developed in Japan, these lavatories in your luggage come in an easily carryable Mahogany leather suitcase and incorporate the toilet itself, as well as a toilet paper holder, a pop-up screen to protect your modesty and, of course, compartments for your normal work documents and equipment.

    2. Portable Massage Chairs

    Unarguably one of life’s greatest luxuries, who doesn’t love a massage? Stress-relieving, tension soothing, joint cracking (in a good way!), more and more of us are treating ourselves to a monthly or weekly session in the massage therapist’s chair. But now, even more conveniently, you don’t even need to leave your home for a relaxation expert to work their miracles on your tired muscles. Portable massage chairs, as seen in this selection, means that masseuses can now come and treat customers in the comfort of their own homes. Now all you have to do is answer the doorbell and in no time at all you’ll be feeling those heavenly hands working their miracles.

    3. Portable Saunas

    If you are like the other 99.9% of people in the world who don’t have your own built-in sauna in your home, a portable sauna is surely the next best thing. Basically a souped-up tent, these ingenious contraptions have adjustable temperature settings, customizable timers and even steam capabilities. Perhaps the only downside being that they only fit one person, if you and your friend have one each, you can sauna using MiHigh sauna’s blanket next to each other anywhere you like! Best of all, once you are sweaty to your heart’s content, you can just fold your sauna up and pack it away like any other tent. Now every day can be a spa day!

    4. Portable Bedrooms (and every other room in the house!)

    Another brilliant innovation from the country that brought us the toilet in a suitcase, you can now buy a portable bedroom which comes folded up in a series of cabinets that look just like regular closets and dressers. Simply open the cabinet and fold out your bed for a super comfortable night’s sleep. In the morning, fold your bedroom back up again and open the living room cabinet and let down your couch and coffee table. In a time when we are all moving towards minimalist living in tiny houses, and in which economical spaces are all the rage, what is cooler than an entire house full of rooms that can be put away at the end of the day.

    5. Portable Neck Fans

    Perfect for a hot summer’s day (or for anyone who has an unusually hot neck), this portable neck fan slips around the back of your neck like a pair of headphones. Fitted with a fan at either end, a constant stream of cool air is blown directly into your red, sweaty face. The fans themselves are capable of rotating a full 360 degrees, have adjustable speed settings and can come in a variety of colors. Gone are the days of fanning ourselves with our hands like cavemen. The future is now and it is cool!

    As technology plays an ever more important role in our daily lives, inventors and gadget enthusiasts are forever coming up with more and more ingenious and useful inventions. It is only one’s guess as to what weird and wonderful gizmos will appear in the coming years. The strive for ultimate convenience is pushing inventors and technology companies to extraordinary feats of innovation and design.

    What will come next? Portable sofas? Portable bathtubs? The only limit is our imagination.

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