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    Keepster App Works To Back Up Messages And Chats

    Keepster App Works To Back Up Messages And Chats

    So much of our lives happens through our messages. In the USA alone, approximately 8.5 billion texts are sent per day.

    A good hunk of those are meaningful, helping us stay in touch and share significant news with the important people in our lives.

    Problem is, with so many apps and countless messages, it’s often a challenge to find things when you need them. Enter Keepster, the just launched, ingenious app that keeps it all organized!

    Just how does it work? Keepster helps you organize all your messages in one convenient place, on your desktop or laptop, in a way that makes sense to YOU. You can create folders however you’d like: by subject, by person, by place. Then when it’s time to locate something, say that special recipe Aunt Katie sent you or those breathtaking photos from your sister’s trip to Spain or important information from your boss, you’ll be able to find them in an instant. A simple search by keywords or date and voila! – that important message appears.

    Not only does Keepster help you stay organized, it can help you create keepsakes you’ll treasure forever. With Keepster you can use your messages and photos to make one-of-a-kind books! Maybe you want to give your special someone the history of your love through all the texts, pictures and emojis you’ve shared? Perhaps you want to create a book celebrating important occasions and/or relationships – weddings, births, anniversaries, reunions? With the holidays right around the corner, your family and friends will love these priceless mementos and, most importantly, the thought that went into creating them.

    Keepster books are a bold, fresh idea. There are many other photo books on the market, but none of them incorporate texts, pictures and emojis to create and share your special stories!

    Reasons You’ve Got to Have Keepster:

    1. Keeps You Organized – helps you find your important stuff fast
    2. Saves Precious Time – no more scrolling through messages or having to hop from app to app to find what you need. Who has time for that? No more relying on screenshots.
    3. Creates Meaningful Gifts – make books for yourself or the special people in your life!
    4. Private – Keepster doesn’t store any of your messages, it’s all for your eyes only.

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