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    Los Angeles based Augmently, Inc Transforms the Way Consumers Experience Advertising

    Los Angeles based Augmently, Inc Transforms the Way Consumers Experience Advertising

    Realism Agency Announces Brand Partnerships and Collaborations with New Sectors of Business Including Healthcare.

    Augmently™ Inc, the augmented realism agency specializing in three-dimensional/life-like AR technology and creative virtual world innovations is transforming the way brands advertise. The company, founded in 2015, has since partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands providing new, immersive experiences for the end user through mobile platforms and creative environments. Augmently provides proprietary and patented AR technology and campaign expertise for companies who are looking to go beyond the traditional methods of advertising and attract new consumers. AR brings life to a three-dimensional environment by immersing the consumer in an experience that gives them a closer and more engaging connection with the brand.

    Global automotive brand Ford Motor Company and newer companies like GNARLY Jerky, EarSkinz and others have quickly found that Augmently brings their brands to life. Ford and Augmently teamed up to creatively highlight augmented reality’s singular ability to showcase brands in unique and interesting ways. Ford challenged Augmently to create an activation that would educate and introduce guests to the venerable automaker’s substantial sustainable vehicle line.

    The result was an impressive AR marketing success that even managed to create hype in a town already buzzing in anticipation of TV’s biggest night – The Emmy Awards. To pull it off, Augmently conceptualized a “Ford Tattoo Parlor” to showcase Ford Hybrid Electric Vehicles in an environment that looked and felt exactly like a pro ink shop. Augmently crafted five unique temporary tattoo designs, one to symbolize each of the five sustainable vehicles in Ford’s EV fleet. The tattoos featured butterflies, a green earth, daises and other imagery symbolic of sustainability and eco-friendly automotive engineering.

    Once a guest selected their design of choice, the tattoo artist helming the shop would tell them about Ford’s electric vehicles while applying the temporary tattoo that led to what would surely become a permanent memory. With the tattoo in place, the AR portion of the experience began as Ford’s tattoo artist waved an iPad over the design, making it come to life straight off the skin. Each unique AR experience was recorded and emailed to the tattoo recipient as a shareable video.

    Partnering with Stayhealthy

    Augmently now has its sights on the Healthcare industry. The company will announce an exclusive partnership with Stayhealthy®, an engagement-based technology company that uses FDA cleared technologies to track and help users change their overall health. Stayhealthy’s true innovation in body fat screening and focus on overall wellness is an alternative to the traditional BMI measurement formula which was invented in the 1830s.

    The initial AR experience will target adolescents through an augmented healthy heart campaign as well as adults struggling with typical health plans that are not experiential enough to garner their individual buy-in. Heart health activity levels, diabetes risk and other health screening tools are introduced through an innovative new AR experience developed and produced by Augmently exclusively for Stayhealthy, Inc. This first-of-its-kind innovation for wellness will provide a personalized interactive experience of a real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” over multiple sensory modalities.

    This groundbreaking new partnership will engage individuals in their own personal health development plan and create hard-to-ignore revolutionary new approaches for professionals in the industry. The company’s official announcement is targeted for the Fall.

    “Augmently’s mission is to provide the best and most realistic AR experience possible with the devices of yesterday, today and the future. We are excited to see what the future holds as we continue to creatively support the very exciting innovations Stayhealthy has planned, ” said Ziggy Kormandel, CEO of Augmently, Inc.

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