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    Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

    Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

    Caroline Makepeace, co-founder of Y Travel Blog, gave her tips on some of the most beautiful, but also affordable honeymoon locations throughout the world.

    Here are a few of her picks to give you a taste of paradise for you and your new mate.

    1. Cape Town, South Africa

    Cape Town is the perfect escape for honeymooners who want a bit of everything from beautiful views to delicious dining and outdoor adventure, you can discover a place perfect to celebrate your union.

    2. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

    Zanzibar Island: where crystal blue waters sink into endless white-sand beaches.

    3. Railay Bay, Thailand

    Railay Bay is a luxurious tropical paradise with towering limestone cliffs sheltering the magnificent beaches of the Andaman Sea. Caroline suggests going for free outdoor adventure options if you’re up for it, and renting a space instead of splurging on a hotel room.

    4. Queenstown, New Zealand

    New Zealand as a whole — and Queenstown especially — combines adventure and romance in a stunning mountain location.

    Caz and Craig have created a lifestyle of travel for twenty years without a trust fund, without special privileges or well-connected friends. They’ve made it happen with desire and putting one foot in front of the other-and they pride themselves on encouraging and teaching others how to make it a reality as well.

    From a road trip through Australia or across the USA, a trek to Machu Picchu, visiting the pyramids, teaching English in Asia, or any countless other adventures you can have, Caz and Craig and their family are ready to share it with the world.

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    • Amanda
      July 12, 2022

      That’s right, it’s important that the honeymoon is affordable for your couple, but you don’t want to save a lot on such an event. I advise you to study here best honeymoon destinations – I think you have not even thought about some of them before

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