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    Rocky Mountaineer Expands Capacity With New Luxury Rail Cars

    Rocky Mountaineer Expands Capacity With New Luxury Rail Cars

    Rocky Mountaineer announced that seven newly built GoldLeaf Service rail cars will be offered on its Western Canadian rail routes for the 2019 season.

    The world’s largest privately owned luxury train company will add four rail cars to its fleet in April, with three additional cars coming later in the season.

    The bi-level rail cars feature oversized glass-dome windows and a separate dining area for guests traveling through the Canadian Rockies.

    To meet the growing demand from travelers worldwide, Rocky Mountaineer partnered with the Swiss rail car company Stadler to engineer and then build the new equipment at its facilities in Germany, keeping guest comfort and experience at the forefront throughout. This project marked the largest capital investment in Rocky Mountaineer’s history.

    The remaining three cars will join the fleet in 2020, bringing the company’s total to 26 bi-level GoldLeaf rail cars and 16 single-level SilverLeaf rail cars to mark Rocky Mountaineer’s 30th anniversary as a luxury tourist company.

    “These new GoldLeaf rail cars will allow us to welcome even more guests on board our trains and offer increased availability across our most popular dates and routes,” said Steve Sammut, president, and chief executive officer, Rocky Mountaineer. “We were intentional in designing these new cars to offer the same exemplary guest comfort across the entire fleet, while also making numerous engineering enhancements behind the scenes that reflect our goal of constantly enhancing both the experience and efficiency of our service.”

    The new GoldLeaf rail cars feature:

    • Dimmable domed windows: The upper-level windows use a suspended particle device layer, which can be dimmed to moderate the intensity of incoming sunlight. This is similar technology to what is used in luxury yachts and business jets.
    • Redesigned galley kitchens: The galleys feature upgraded ovens and stovetops, electrical grills, eco-friendly dishwashers, and optimal preparation spaces for meal preparation.
    • Custom-designed seats: The heated composite-leather seats recline without impacting the guest seated behind and can spin 180 degrees to create more social seating.
    • Enhanced ride quality: The cars feature other technical features that enhance the overall guest experience, including improved suspension design.

    Each GoldLeaf rail car seats 72 guests. The new cars will be added to the trains traveling on two of Rocky Mountaineer’s routes: First Passage to the West, a two-day rail journey between Vancouver and Lake Louise or Banff; and Journey through the Clouds, a two-day rail journey between Vancouver and Jasper.

    For more information on booking a journey, please contact Rocky Mountaineer at 1-877-460-3200 or; or contact a travel agent. For the latest news, follow on Twitter or Instagram, tune into YouTube, and connect on Facebook.

    About Rocky Mountaineer

    Rocky Mountaineer is the world’s largest privately owned luxury tourist train and, since 1990, has welcomed more than two million guests to inhale the mountain air and let nature take their breath away. Guests can choose from more than 50 vacation packages and four unique rail routes, which travel through iconic destinations such as Seattle, WA, Vancouver, B.C., and the majestic Canadian Rockies in Alberta.

    The unparalleled experience onboard the all domed fleet offers rich, historic storytelling, world-class cuisine, and a first-hand look at the vast and untouched wild beauty of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

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