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    The Most Loved Architectural Styles Across The U.S.A

    The Most Loved Architectural Styles Across The U.S.A

    From Bauhaus to Contemporary architecture, the world’s landscapes are lined with a rich tapestry of architectural styles which are loved (and complained about) by many. But which style is most favored by Americans?

    Using social listening data, new research by has revealed the architectural designs spoke about most positively across the internet, as well as the ones which sparked the most negative conversations.

    Postmodern architecture is the architectural design the U.S.A take to the web to speak about the most positively, compared to modern architecture which is disliked the most.

    In fact, in the U.S.A, searches for ‘Postmodern architecture’ have increased by +120% in the past 90 days, peaking in July 2021 and January 2022.

    Comparing the data across the globe, Gothic is the most positively spoken architectural design in 13 countries, whereas Colonial is the topic of the most negative conversations in 23 out of the 57 countries analyzed.

    Commenting on the research, Simon Downes spokesperson for, says:

    “Architectural styles are reflective of historical and cultural movements over the years, and their unique features foster diversity across each country’s landscape.

    When it comes to property, popular architectural styles can raise the value of your home considerably, and the age and structure can even affect your home insurance quote. T

    herefore, it is important to consider these factors when choosing the most appropriate home insurance deal for you.”

    To see a breakdown, including how the architectural designs compare in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe please visit here.

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    • Adam
      June 28, 2022

      I am now studying the profession of architect, and I am also interested in good examples around the country. Fortunately, this is not difficult, since we have a lot of cool solutions and modern urban landscapes.

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