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    Latest Reports Suggest The US Average Internet Speed Was 99.3 Mbps in 2021

    Latest Reports Suggest The US Average Internet Speed Was 99.3 Mbps in 2021

    The team at recently released our State of the Internet in 2021 report highlighting internet speed improvements and the increasing demand for better connections.

    Here are some key findings from the report:

    • The average internet speed in the US increased to 99.3 Mbps in 2021, compared to 42.86 Mbps in 2020.
    • Huntsville, AL ranked #1 for US metro areas with the most improved internet speeds in 2021. The city’s recorded median download internet speed went from 27.4 Mbps in 2020 to 82.4 Mbps in 2021, that’s over a 200% increase.

    • Washington D.C. ranked #1 for the US metro areas with the fastest internet in 2021 (with an average speed of 127 Mbps), with nearby Charleston, WV ranking as the metro with the slowest internet speeds (with an average speed of 33 Mbps).
    • When asked how internet users are staying connected on the go, we found that 85% of Americans use public wifi hotspots, and 51% of Americans relied on public wifi hotspots during the pandemic.
    • 75% of Americans are willing to switch to fiber internet if it were now available in their area is a consumer comparison site in the US. They are internet experts who help people choose the best internet plans in their area. Their team of data analysts and internet experts chose the best reports from this year to illustrate internet connectivity in 2021. (View the full report here.)

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