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    Power (Tools) To The People

    Power (Tools) To The People

    We are living in the age of virtuality. The electronic representation of a thing will very often come to be greatly favored even over the physical thing itself.

    But people forget that that mindset can take you only so far. If, for example, the only house you have is the one drawn in glorious, pixelated, 16-million-hue technicolor on your computer screen, then, I’m sorry to tell you, you are still homeless.

    Hence our “Powertools to the People” series, in which we celebrate the underappreciated masters of the physical world. They are true professionals who transform our surroundings into something far more touchable, more durable, and more practical than anything that a mere computer language, keyboard, or magnanimously compensated “Cloud” consultant could ever conjure.

    Featured here is Leonardo Jaramillo, a quiet, unassuming, and superlatively competent specialist in the art of home and small business construction and repair, as captured by one of the very best of Houston photographers.

    Leonardo works simple, everyday miracles in metal, wood, plaster, and glue — miracles that Silicon Valley on its best day can only dream of. When you need a REAL firewall for your family’s security, Leonardo is your man.

    Powertools to the people!

    Photographer: Amalya Shandelman | IG: @amalyaphoto

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    Power (Tools) To The…

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