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    Want To Sell Your Car? Here’s How To Increase The Value

    Want To Sell Your Car? Here’s How To Increase The Value

    Have you just seen a new car you’d love to get your hands on?

    Then you’re going to need to prep your old vehicle for the second-hand dealership. After all, keeping a car in good condition is the standard for resale.

    If you want to buy a new car, you have to offload the old one, and only a comfortable and drivable model will meet that quota. But could you go even further here? Yes! You could increase the value of the car you’re planning to sell by upwards of 2-3% if you use the right tricks.

    Here are just a few that’ll grant you a good return once you stick that ‘for sale’ sign on the windscreen.

    Get a Valet Service Done

    Your car might have sat in the drive or the garage for a while, or it may be in a slightly worse condition than you’d like it to be. Because of that, it’s best to get a professional valet service. If the car is cleaned to a high professional standard, it’s going to look good, no matter how old or how scuffed the paintwork might be!

    Out of all the other tips on this list, this is the easiest one to complete. Valet services can be done by any local garage or car wash service, so be sure to look up some in your area. And no matter what level of wash you decide to pay for, you could get upwards of $200 added to the sale price.

    Retouch and Repair the Interior and Exterior

    If you’re about to sell a used car, it’s best to get it looking its best self. And sometimes that means taking it to get “pimped out”, but mostly it means retouching and repainting dents and scratches inside and out. You’ll just be wasting your money buying new seat covers but heading to Shops that Paint Rims and Wheels could be a good use of your initial investment.

    If a car looks good, not only will it sell for better money, but it’ll sell a lot faster too. So feel free to dip into your savings a little here and make sure your old vehicle looks like it just rolled off of the shop floor. You can increase your overall selling price by at least $500, but most people find they can take $1000 or more in total.

    Get All Necessary Papers Together

    Selling a car isn’t a situation where you can just hand over the keys. You’re going to need plenty of relevant paperwork on your side as well. After all, you’ve got to convince the buyer that this is a reliable vehicle that’s worth the price you’re asking for it. And not only that, but if you have up-to-date records regarding the state the car is in, you could even squeeze an extra 1-2% out of the deal.

    At the least you need the car’s history laid out in full, so make sure the historical records you’ve printed out stretch back as far as possible. Then slot your warranty information into the file, alongside details on how well maintained the car is, and never forget to include the car’s actual title. And for more information on what should be included, check your local government website.

    Go for a Private Buyer

    You’ll always get the most amount of money when conducting a private sale. It might take a little longer to attract a buyer, yes, but it’s the best way to secure the price you feel you’re owed. After all, private buyers are often looking for just the right model, and you don’t have to use a go-between, meaning you take home a good pot once you’re done.

    So put an ad up online and see what hits you get. Advertise in your local area as well, and don’t be afraid to use eBay auctions to get a threshold price if you find no luck elsewhere. Above all, try to avoid selling to big car flipping websites you hear about all the time on the TV – the rate might sound good, but you can usually get a better price working one-to-one with an individual.

    Increasing the value of your car just before you sell is a great way to make some extra money. Make sure you customize it just right and get it cleaned to the highest standard – and never forget to get the paperwork together before the buyer comes round!

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