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    Different Ways To Consume CBD Dabs

    Different Ways To Consume CBD Dabs

    Originally, those who enjoy a big hit of marijuana or cannabidiol (CBD) are often found smoking. Because after rolling up their dry herbs, all there’s left for them to do is light it up and enjoy its flavor. But that was before.

    Nowadays, most CBD enjoyers are starting to transition towards dabbing. If you didn’t know, dabbing is a modern take on tasting the main ingredient. However, instead of simply rolling up the flower and lighting it up, dabbing requires a more tedious approach—at least for some of its equipment. Furthermore, in contrast to the herbs and flowers used in smoking, the main dabbing ingredient is wax or CBD dabs.

    CBD dabs are basically a substance containing high CBD concentrations from hemp or marijuana. Because, unlike flowers or herbs, dabs are crafted to focus mainly on the CBD’s psychoactive agent that produces a high. But given how concentrated these substances are, users—especially first-time ones—are likely to have a rough experience once they go straight into dabbing without any preparation. Therefore, if you want your first time to go smoothly, you better do it right.

    Choose Which Device To Use

    As mentioned earlier, a variety of equipment is available just for dabbing. Because unlike what’s used for smoking, dabbing equipment may come as a full-on setup or handheld devices. If you’re a first-timer, it’s much more ideal to set up a dab rig instead of diving right into a handheld dabbing device. After all, dabbing isn’t as easy as rolling a blunt. Regardless, even if you have prior experience in smoking, it’s best to consult DrDabber’s portable rig guide to know how to use it properly.

    Meanwhile, dabbing equipment like dab rigs or bongs is much more thorough with the process. Furthermore, they feature a large water chamber to filter out the smoke and weaken the experience more. But don’t worry as handheld dabbers like nectar collectors still allow the user to choose between a dry pipe or a water pipe. So, if water pipes are more comfortable for you, go with that.

    Select The Type Of Concentrate

    Those already familiar with CBD know how much variety it offers to accommodate different users. Some concentrates of CBD allow you to use it as an ingredient if you’re keen on baking treats. Hence, you must know that there are three types of CBD concentrate: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD.

    Full-spectrum CBD includes the entire marijuana plant oil as well as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active ingredient from the plant, just like CBD. Therefore, it also stimulates pleasure while numbing pain and other negative sensations. On the other hand, broad-spectrum eliminates THC from the equation. The same goes for isolated CBD when it only has a single cannabis extraction.

    The difference between CBN vs CBD is that CBN is a minor cannabinoid, while CBD is the primary cannabinoid present in hemp and marijuana plants. The main similarity between CBN and CBD is that they both interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system regulates various bodily functions such as sleep, appetite, mood, pain sensation, and immune response.

    Start Low

    Taking in a big hit by accident has always been a rookie mistake. And because it’s so common, many first-time users often get discouraged by this experience because they just consumed a huge amount of chemicals. Naturally, that promises a wild variety of sensations you’re bound to have a tough time pulling away from.

    Therefore, if you want to enjoy it as much as possible, it’s best to always start with a low dosage. After all, you must get a good feel for it before doing anything daring. Ask an expert what dosage is the lowest for your dabs. This way, you can still enjoy it properly without finding it too lacking or too much.

    Be Mindful Of The Temperature

    Just like with smoking, the temperature plays a crucial role the entire time you’re taking a hit. Because even though you did use a lower dosage, burning it in one go will only have you end up in the same place: consuming more concentrate than you can handle. As mentioned earlier, it’s better to take your time with it.

    Simply starting in low temperatures won’t do you any good. Prepare your equipment first, particularly the nail. Since that’s where the dab goes, get it warmed up for a few seconds (preferably around 20 seconds) at 300 to 4,000 Fahrenheit (or 148 to 2,204 Celsius). Once the time’s up, keep the nail away from the heat for around a minute. Only then should you add the concentration using the dabbing tool.

    Do A Lot Of Research

    If you haven’t noticed it yet, dabbing is a much more complicated process than simply rolling up a blunt and lighting it. After all, vaporizing concentrates needs extra care. Admittedly, you might consider eating the dabs directly because of how tedious its process might seem at first. However, unlike consuming herbs for smoking, you won’t get anything from eating raw concentrates. So, in the end, all you did was waste a good batch of dabs.

    Before you get serious about CBD, you must do your research first. Otherwise, you might have a bad time coping with the incident after overdosing. And that’s not including how complicated dabbing equipment is. Therefore, if you want a great time from start to finish, ensure you stay on top of things using your research.


    Just because you’re consuming medication doesn’t mean it should be limited to medical purposes alone. Because they can easily change one’s brain chemistry, these medications can also be used recreationally. Considering its effects, marijuana takes up a huge part of it, especially CBD. Since it’s the instigator, many mediums can be used to enjoy CBD, even consuming CBD dabs. But before you do anything else, knowing how to do it should make the experience worthwhile.

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