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    7 Tips To Reduce Job Search Anxiety In The Post-Covid Time

    7 Tips To Reduce Job Search Anxiety In The Post-Covid Time

    Looking for a new job can be pretty stressful. And searching for a job during post-COVID times is even more challenging.

    The last two years have changed the business environment a lot. Many firms have shifted into online working mode, so getting a chance to land an interview is not the same as well.

    First of all, people are still worried about health and their safety. The rules for social interactions have changed a lot. Maybe, fewer companies are open to face-to-face interviews today. But this doesn’t mean that job searching has become easier! The applicant tracking process is still very complex, so you need to craft a winning resume to get more interviews.

    Don’t worry, though, because there are still plenty of opportunities for your career! For example, you can use top-rated firms that help you, like professional cover letter writers. Expert writers can take care of the written part of your interview, and you can focus on reducing your stress levels and getting ready for talking with the recruiters.

    So, if you are stressed out about your job application, here are seven tips to reduce job search anxiety in the post-COVID time!

    What might cause some stress during this process?

    First of all, an applicant has to understand some of the underlying reasons for stress. Changing your workplace or even your entire career can be exciting and frightening at the same time! Let’s see why you might experience anxiety from the point of view of a professional career advice expert:

    • You are worried about your future.
    • You are feeling pressure from a hiring manager or the employers.
    • You think that your accomplishments and work experience are not enough.
    • You believe that after COVID, your qualification and rank are no longer viable.

    All of these points are totally understandable. Many recruiting firms say that job seekers often get in their heads about the interview process, especially after two years of isolation. If you have a professional job description and a CV, you are already halfway there! So, here are some helpful tips about reducing your anxiety!


    Worry about something that you can control

    There is really no point in having a panic attack over something out of your reach. Applicants can’t really predict the outcome of their meetings with recruiters, so why stress out about it? Instead, focus on something you can change, like your outfit, key skills, and other things that can help you invest in your career.

    Stay positive and realistic

    Of course, there might come a time when you fail some of the interviews. This is a totally normal part of the hiring process. It’s very important to maintain your positivity if you want to get employed in the future! Often, employees are too focused on their mistakes or set unrealistic goals for themselves, setting up for failure from the beginning.

    Create your objectives and set deadlines for them

    It’s obvious that you can’t really know if you will get the job or not. But there are still some aspects that you can control! Here are a couple of things that you can add to your job-seeking plan:

    • Updating your resume;
    • Crafting a perfect cover letter;
    • Picking an outfit for an online interview or a face-to-face meeting;
    • Checking if your skills are still applicable in the post-COVID times;
    • Looking up some courses to improve your qualification.

    Reward your accomplishments and learn from your mistakes

    A valuable member of the workforce knows that every failure is an opportunity to grow. You don’t have to focus on something bad but instead, try to learn something good out of it. Also, it might be highly effective when you notice your own achievements! In this case, people are more likely to brag about themselves in their applications.

    Update your cover letter and CV

    Of course, if you created this small goal for your plan, this point won’t be an issue. You might find out that creating a bot-beating resume is much easier than you thought before! There are plenty of ATS bots that flood the system with their average CVs. Applicants can have a significant advantage when they put in some time and effort!

    Have some practice before an actual interview

    This might sound silly, but many people are very nervous about talking face-to-face with the recruiters or about meeting their potential employers. So, try practicing with somebody who you know well, so they don’t intimidate you! There are some advantages to choosing this stress-relief method:

    • You can get pretty valuable criticism about your appearance, body language, and talking skills;
    • Sharing your resume with an outside person can point out some mistakes;
    • You can get more and more confidence with every practice session!

    Do some research about your potential place of work

    Today, it’s always a good idea to make a quick Google search before any meeting. Applicants can find out important info about the core values of the company and adjust their interviews according to this data. You might also see if the firm is actually a right fit for you in general!

    To Sum Up

    So there you have it, seven tips to reduce job search anxiety in the post-COVID time! Of course, most of these tips were relevant even before the pandemic. Still, there is a lot of fear connected to returning to work during such troubled times. There is no need to add to your worries even more!


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