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    Easy Ways For Moms To Be More Creative

    Easy Ways For Moms To Be More Creative

    Nurturing our creativity helps us grow as individuals and makes us better parents.

    It enables us to open ourselves up a bit more to the world in the same way that our children do. Thinking of creative ways to bond with your child and teaching them new skills can help them expand their worldview and learn essential skills while also becoming more empathetic in general.

    Most knowledge is imparted using methods that don’t necessarily start in school but rather builds upon the specific skill set they are already being taught. But, for some parents, dreaming up creative projects which will enable their children to learn better can be a bit difficult.

    It’s hard to find activities and learning tools that you can share with your child – but the following ideas should help get you started.

    Start Out with What You Love

    You must have a hobby that you used to pursue before getting pregnant, one that you have let fall by the wayside. Whether it was reading, knitting, writing, yoga, crafting, playing an instrument, carpentry, or painting, there must be something that truly speaks to you and allows you to relax if even for a few minutes. These hobbies are something you probably truly enjoy doing, but you haven’t been able to keep up with them simply because life has gotten too busy.

    Either way, zero in on the activity you love to do and try to pick it up again. Ensuring that you do something you love will help you stick to a certain schedule, and in a few days, you will notice that you have become “unblocked”, and that your creativity will wash over in streams. Then, whatever it is, chances are, you can share the hobby with your child. Introducing them to this new activity is not just a perfect way to bond, but it also allows them to pick up on a new skill set that will inevitably feed into their motor skills, reading comprehension, and so on.

    Small Steps

    Even if you pick up something that you love to do, you might have trouble sticking to it at first, despite having your child join in on the fun. Don’t be hard on yourself: it’s difficult to start a new routine and to prioritize what you enjoy once you become a mom. Start small, and don’t set high expectations in the beginning. Instead, devote a few minutes here and there, or simply half an hour a few times a week. Treat it as an appointment you’ve made with yourself – and your child – and make sure that you show up.

    When it becomes difficult to think of a new way to get your child interested in said activity, the experts at recommend taking a short break or researching alternative methods of introducing them to your hobby. Maybe you just need to find that one elusive trick that will help maintain their interest and get them hooked. Read up a little on the matter or look for message boards online where you can interact with other moms and see what advice they have to offer.

    Set Aside Some “Me-Time”

    Maybe the activity you enjoy pursuing isn’t exactly something you can, or even want to share with your child at this stage. That is completely ok, and the important thing is to make the time for yourself.

    By making sure that you devote your time and energy to this unique activity all on your own, you are still allowing other muscles in your brain to flourish, and you will be the creative parent you hope to be for your child. You will be full of ideas, and suddenly, you will have other things you can share with them as well.

    Take a Class

    Sometimes, the focus of a class will be helpful in putting things into perspective. You’ll be learning something new, or at least learn more about the topic you love, while also meeting like-minded moms who are having trouble and doing their best to become unstuck, like you. Besides, sharing each other’s stories will keep you feeling creative, and open you up to more possibilities.

    Finding ways to be creative and present for yourself as well as your kids can be hard, but it is well worth the effort. Don’t believe the myth that some people are not innately creative, it is just that sometimes, our creative muscles atrophy when they aren’t being used much, but you’ll be surprised by the difference that time, practice, and dedication can make.

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