Grim Forecast For Brick-and-Mortar Retailers This Winter, As Retail Predicted To Dip To Only 21% Of Normal Levels

    This has been a tough year for retail, and according to the walk-through marketing experts at Zenreach, brick-and-mortar retail and restaurant establishments could be in for a very difficult winter.

    Zenreach has released data forecasting a downward trend in brick-and-mortar shopping rates at the nation’s retailers and restaurants between now and the end of the year:

    • Last year at this time, the 7-day rolling average of walk-ins was just over 500,000.
    • The current 7-day rolling average is under 200,000 walk-ins, sitting at 35% of last year’s normal.
    • Zenreach predicts, by the end of 2020, retail dipped to 21.5% of 2019’s normal.

    The spikes in COVID-19 infection rates in nearly every state across the country appear to be having a major impact on the tentative recovery seen during the summer months.

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      Grim Forecast For Br…

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