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    Home Trends: Tips For Plant Parents

    Home Trends: Tips For Plant Parents

    With more folks staying and working at home, a major trend in home and office décor is adding tropical plants and flowers.

    It’s an easy and affordable way to add color and style to any room, plus there are health benefits to boot. According to NASA, plants naturally filter the air of chemicals and other toxins linked to health problems, such as headaches and eye irritation.

    Considering plant parenthood?

    Here are a few tips and tricks from the Hawaii Export Nursery Association, an organization representing Hawaii’s plant and flower growers, for the exciting and exotic journey ahead:

    • Size doesn’t matter. Small spaces sometimes demand a big statement plant. Don’t be afraid to select oversized greenery that really commands a room.
    • Nature needs nurture. Remember these are living things. Just like a pet, you’ll need to “feed” it daily with water. No better time to watch your indoor garden grow!
    • Not all plants are created equal. Plant origin is key. Plants and flowers grown in Hawaii not only give you that vacation vibe, they typically last longer.
    • Add instant style. A plant behind your desk or an orchid on your desktop will instantly stylize your web conferencing backdrop. Be prepared to say and share where you purchased your Dracaena Hilo Girl or Rhapis Excelsa Palm.
    • Once you start, you can’t stop. There is no limit to the beauty and health benefits that plants can bring into your home. The chicest of homes are loaded with tropical plants and flowers.

    Hawaiian plants and floral are available at major box stores and retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Costco, or local nurseries and garden centers. To ensure you’re purchasing a Hawaiian-grown plant, look for the unique lava rock soil, which is the main differentiator and reason these plants thrive and grow so healthfully.

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