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    3 Warning Signs That Mean Your Air Filter Need Replacement

    3 Warning Signs That Mean Your Air Filter Need Replacement

    Furnace filters are an essential piece of equipment in our home since it protects our family’s health by reducing exposure to allergens and other airborne irritants.

    There is a good chance that many of us do not prioritize the air filter’s replacement, which will ultimately result in the HVAC system’s poor performance. If you wonder why the air filter isn’t performing well the way it is supposed to, there might be severe issues happening inside the filter.

    This article will describe some common warning signs that mean you need a new MERV air filter immediately.

    3 Warning Signs that Indicate Your Air Filter Needs Replacement

    Poor Indoor Air Quality

    If you don’t change your air filter for a few months, you will notice extreme dirt accumulation on the filter. You must clean it to ensure the filter’s proper functioning. A clean filter prevents dust and other pollutants from getting into your house. A filthy air filter cannot capture a sufficient number of contaminants. It is essential to improve the air quality to protect those members of your family who suffer from respiratory disorders from allergens.

    Restricted Airflow

    The issue of limited airflow caused by the air filter is yet another key reason you should regularly replace your air filters. It would be best if you did not let this problem persist for long because when the filter restricts the airflow, it causes cool air to build up inside your HVAC unit. Therefore, the air conditioning system gets frozen up, especially in the early morning, evening, or late midnight when the temperature usually drops. Therefore, you must change the air filter immediately after noticing this troubling sign.

    Higher Energy Bills

    The last sign you may notice about a problematic air filter is when you have to pay energy bills that have recently got higher than usual. The dirty air filters don’t operate well to give proper filtration. The air contaminants recirculate through the air instead of getting outside and filtered. A clogged air filter makes the HVAC unit work harder than usual. Therefore, you have to pay an increased energy bill for that month.

    Why is Maintaining Air Filter Important?

    The air filter is a vital part of our HVAC system that keeps the indoor air clean, breathable, comfortable, and safe for our family. We spend a maximum of hours a day inside the house. So, it is imaginable what could happen if we breathe only dirty and poor-quality air when we get home. A good air filter gives our lungs and kidneys a break from bad air. So, you must be aware of the warning signs that mean you need to replace the air filter of your HVAC system.

    To ensure your house is safe, clean the air filter first. The dust and dirt don’t let the filter process normally. When your filter isn’t functioning as it should, it indicates problems with the air duct. Air filters should be replaced within one to three months, depending on the house you’re living in that is exposed to various pollutants.


    As a responsible house owner, you must consider changing the air filter regularly as one of the most important acts you can perform to maintain a healthy HVAC system. You should replace the air filter before the above warning signs appear. Take help from the experts from Simply Filters to ensure the consequences are not more drastic for not replacing the air filter. A dirty air filter shortens the lifespan of the HVAC system. The consequences of not replacing the air filter can be more costly than you imagine.

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