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    Mouthwatchers Is The Best Travel Flossing Toothbrush With Thousands Of Amazon Reviews

    Mouthwatchers Is The Best Travel Flossing Toothbrush With Thousands Of Amazon Reviews

    Founded over 15 years ago by Dr. Ronald Plotka, DDS, a nationally renowned Boston area dentist with over 40 years of dentistry leadership.

    Operating a large practice in Swampscott, MA, Dr. Plotka has pioneered several oral healthcare advancements over the years, and is dedicated to making life healthier with unique dental hygiene products and services combining superior quality and the very latest technology.

    Your toothbrush is home to millions of harmful microorganisms. In the warm, moist environment of an average bathroom, bacteria on your toothbrush can double every 20 minutes. These bacteria can lead to illness, cavities and gum disease. Doctor Plotka’s Mouthwatchers’ innovative *antimicrobial silver technology naturally eliminates 99% of bacteria build up on the toothbrush bristles. So, every time you brush, those bristles are fresh, clean, and ready to work their magic.

    After working with patients over several decades, Dr. Plotka recognized that even patients practicing “great” dental hygiene were continuously developing cavities and plaque build-up between visits. Dr. Plotka realized a need for an antimicrobial toothbrush with the enhanced function of superior flossing bristles. The tip of each flossing bristle is one micron, smaller than the thickness of a human hair, allowing the thin bristles to go interdentally between the teeth and break up plaque like no other brush on the market.

    Additionally, each polyester bristle is infused with silver to eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi that typically grow on your brush between uses. Within six hours of using the brush, your toothbrush is virtually germ-free and ready for your next use. And finally, since polyester is a more resilient material than traditional nylon bristles, this toothbrush will last up to 4 months – one month longer than a typical brush.

    Mouthwatchers goes beyond selling products. They actively promote oral health education, providing resources and tips on their website and through social media. Their commitment extends to giving back to the community, partnering with organizations that provide dental care to underserved populations. Mouthwatchers has received positive reviews from dentists and consumers alike. The brand boasts a loyal following who appreciate the effectiveness and gentle nature of their products. Studies have shown that the nano silver technology effectively reduces bacteria growth on the brush, contributing to better oral hygiene.

    Looking Ahead

    Mouthwatchers is a brand constantly innovating. They are actively exploring new technologies and materials to further improve oral hygiene. Additionally, they are expanding their product line to include other oral care essentials, such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

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