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    How The Coronavirus Has Transformed The World Of Dating

    How The Coronavirus Has Transformed The World Of Dating

    Among the chaos and the hustle and bustle of our daily life, a virus managed to put a halt to the whole world.

    Businesses were put on hold, the streets and shopping centers were emptied, and even the global economy came crashing down.

    In such a post-apocalyptic world, only one thing seemed to come back to life. That’s right, we’re talking about good old romance. So how exactly did that coronavirus change the dating scene, for better and for worse?

    Let’s find out. 

    Couples Look for Better Ways to Connect

    What do you do in a lockdown with every road out of the house shut down for an unforeseeable future? That’s easy: you start using the options at your disposal. For dating couples, that meant more quality time spent together. Couples sharing the same house were able to spend more time together, binge-watching Netflix and trying out new recipes. As for those suffering from the distance, they leveled up their texting habits to video-chatting. 

    Many Questioned Their Relationships

    Being free to face your partner 24/7 didn’t work out for the best for every relationship. Having more time to spend together brought the attention of the couple involved in fruitless relationships to the outstanding issues and problems they’ve been too busy to address. It’s understandable how a relationship can go wrong under stress, and the coronavirus was a huge stressor as they came. When forced to face the issues they’ve either been denying for a while or unaware of, many couples reached the conclusion that breaking up is the way to go. 

    Online Dating Popularity has Soared

    So what can single people and those fresh out of their failed relationships do in a lockdown? Most of them went for online dating. It’s no surprise that the online dating world has soared in popularity; it provides everything anyone can look for. Take it from the dating experts at who explain that the best dating sites provide you with the possibility of being naughty in a discreet and private place.

    Ranging from normal dating sites to niche-specific sites that address the needs of extreme and uncommon fetishes, you’ll be able to satisfy any kind of desires in the online dating world. Is there anything more anyone can ask for? Probably not. 

    The List of Introductory Questions Has Changed

    Perhaps the most interesting development came in the changes of introducing yourself. Nowadays, people start by asking each other Covid-related questions. Starting from whether any of them has tested positive and going on about how the global situation has affected them, people exploring the dating platform are sure to never run from ice-breakers. 

    People Started Exploring Each Other More

    The coronavirus has put everything on hold, and that includes the chances for meeting up face-to-face. Before the virus, the statistics for having sex before an official relationship was skyrocketing, as many people found it a tad too difficult to control their pheromones until they can better explore the other person. With this pressure somewhat taken care of, people have the time to slowly explore each other rationally before jumping into a physical relationship. If anything, this makes for more authentic and meaningful encounters, something that hugely improves the success rate of any relationship. 

    Everyone is More Aware of Psychological Stressors

    After all is said and done, perhaps the most remarkable effect of the coronavirus on the dating world lies in how self-aware we’ve become. The novel virus has shaken the whole world to its core with fright and dark possibilities; that’s something that everyone in the globe can relate to. It made everyone feel like we’re all together in this. It made everyone aware of how stress and anxiety can eat up a person inside, urging them to be more kind to those around them. This kindness has inevitably extended to the dating scene, whether it’s between long-term partners or a newly-dating couple. All in all, it made us all aware of how real and terrifying psychological stressors are, so we became more lenient with our partners. 

    Perhaps it takes an apocalypse to revive forgotten romance, but if there’s one thing we should thank the coronavirus for, then it’s managing to connect us on a whole different level. From giving us more time to spend with our loved ones to diverting our attention to better options after the unfruitful relationships had been put to the grave, the coronavirus has completely transformed the scene of modern dating – for better and for worse. Nowadays, even the most hardcore cynics are beginning to believe in love once again – and that’s saying a lot. 

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