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    Start Losing Weight With These 6 Steps That Work

    Start Losing Weight With These 6 Steps That Work

    Start losing weight with these 6 steps that work and forget about making resolutions you will never keep.

    If you made a resolution to lose weight you may be setting yourself up for failure right from the start.

    That’s because most resolutions are not kept.  You often make a resolution around the holiday season after you have binged on cookies, chocolate, or whatever your weakness is. You tell yourself it will be ok because you have made a resolution. Wrong!

    This binge and then go on a diet pattern is fundamentally flawed and it will not set you up for long-term weight loss which is what you want. Sure, you may manage a week or even a month and reduce weight by a few pounds but not in the long term – you will join the yo-yo dieting club.

    What you want and need are new habits that will establish a foundation for lasting weight management. So what do you do to form these new habits? Do the following steps consistently for 60 days and if possible keep a food journal either as an app on your phone or in a written form if that is your preference.

     “Writing it down increases your chances of success by 50%,” says Dr. Jim Ken of Daily Detox Hacks and this is covered in more detail in his Ultimate Weight Loss Guide.

    Step 1: Evaluate Your Personal Situation And Behaviour.

    Evaluate your personal situation, weight, and eating in the context of your daily routine. Think about when you eat – is there a trigger that has a negative effect. For example – always adding large fries to a healthy protein-based salad. Is it where you go – when you have a beer at the bar do you add the fried cheese sticks to your order?

    According to a clinic of bariatric surgery UK, you should think about where you go and what type of foods are served there because your environment dictates what types of foods are available to you. Ask questions of yourself like: Do I eat junk foods when I’m at home? or only at work?

    Look at your schedule, and use it as a guide to finding your main source of bad food eating. From there you can take steps and make an action plan of how to put a healthier food source habit into action.

    Let’s take an example: say you’ve been struggling because your current situation requires you to work at home more and snacking is just so easy at home.

    Answer – make a plan the night before that when you’re hungry you will eat healthy – and prepare the night before snacks like pre-washed carrots, or other fruit.  Then verbally tell your brain that tomorrow when you are hungry for a snack you will have a healthy one. If you can do this for 30 days it will change your habits and you will have a much better chance of managing your weight long term.

    Step 2: Set Brain Boundaries

    Let’s say you love pancakes at your local diner, and the social contact there as well. Talk to the chef or owner about making you a protein breakfast of eggs say – or even a bowl of fruit salad. You can still go and catch up with your buddies – but you have pre set some boundaries in place first. Try this it does work.

    Step 3: Identify In Advance Your Weakness

    Your weaknesses need to be understood so you do not let yourself down. Sometimes people will surprise you and you may feel obligated to eat, drink with them.

    Make and have a plan in place for these surprises and you will have a much better chance of getting through the holiday season or any season for that matter. Work out what or where these places and situations occur, and how they’re “hiding”  from you.  Let’s say you enjoy happy hour at the local watering hole and they have great Tex Mex snacks and suddenly beer and this food becomes dinner? What do you do!

    Plan before you go what management steps need to be put in place.- do you ask for a small bowl of nuts and a low-calorie beer. Now you can still enjoy yourself while having a good time with your buddies but keep your own goals on track

    If you sometimes eat out for lunch do not let friends order items “for the table” only to leave you grazing on a bucket of fried wings or other unhealthy food that you did not feel like or even want. Say no thanks I am having the Thai beef salad.

    Step 4: Think about your Goals before taking action.

    Take 15 seconds – stop and think and evaluate what’s really going on in your brain and stomach before jumping into your pantry:

    Are you thirsty? Wait before eating and eat and when you do eat slowly. Doing this simple pause and think routine and it will save you pounds of weight every month.

    Step 5: Do not plan for perfection

    The best advice I can give on how to divert yourself when you’re on your way to the bag of chips is to stop – pause and think a little bit more about what you’re actually about to do – then replay the movie of a “slim you’ through your head – this is called visualization and it is what all the top sportspeople pay big bucks for – control your mind and you control your body – so to repeat

    Stop. Think. Engage your brain and every time you eat you and you will make more of a nutritious choice.

    In Conclusion:

    Design your own Mind Control Contract

    Basically, you create a contract with yourself. Like all contracts, it must be written down and that is why in the beginning I strongly encourage food journaling (See more info here).

    With this in place and a good mental picture in your mind’s eye of a slimmer you – This is the best way to start a new mission of successful weight loss via life and habit changes.

    When something threatens your weight loss plan – remember your contract and relax because you know you will find a way to meet your goals and improve your lifestyle. Here is a good example – Maybe your workout time is scheduled for after work at 5pm.

    Now what happens –  you feel tired after a full day at work and often you will miss going to the gym about 70% of the time thanks to impromptu meetings, conference calls, and general exhaustion at the end of the day.

    What can you do to set yourself up for success – go back to your contract, seek out a nonstressful way of following your commitment. I would suggest moving your Gym time from 5pm to 6pm. Now the pressure is off and if your boss calls an end of day meeting – relax, and contribute to the meeting because you know you have time to work out and you will feel better for it.

    Need some more motivation and tips head over to the Daily Detox Hacks weight loss section for lots more helpful advice.

    About Dr. Jim Ken

    Dr. Ken has a Ph.D. and is an avid fan of making life a little simpler and a little greener. He has been involved in creating many courses and in helping people with motivation and neuro linguistic methods to give students the tools and the power to reach their potentials and goals.

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