The 20 Most Googled Sleep Questions Of 2020, Per PeopleWhoSleep

    The U.K.’s most Googled sleep questions for 2020 have been revealed, and many have been searching what constitutes a good night’s rest.

    In light of this, the leading sleep experts at have done a deep-dive into the data to provide people with answers to the most pressing sleep questions.

    The sleeping experts at People Who Sleep, a team of professionals who research, investigate, write and curate the best articles and information about sleep, did some digging and were able to compile the top 20 questions related to sleep that have been asked in 2020.

    While collecting data, they notably found out that:

    • The U.K. really is a pet-loving nation, as searches for the sleep duration of dogs and cats were wildly popular terms featuring in the 10th and 12th spots.
    • “How much sleep do I need?” is the top sleep query for 2020. It seems the U.K., as a nation, needs more clarity on how much sleep is necessary to function well.
    • “How to go to sleep fast” takes the 16th spot. It’s clear that we’re in serious need of quick sleep fixes.

    Do you have any questions regarding your sleeping habits? Read People Who Sleep’s complete Top 20 Most Searched Sleep Questions of 2020.

    *All search data for this study refers to average monthly search volume according to Ahrefs keyword explorer and is correct as of 12/11/2020.

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