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    Top Things That Make Horse Riding So Popular In The UAE

    Top Things That Make Horse Riding So Popular In The UAE

    Horses represent nobility, inner strength, and sensitivity.

    For thousands of years, they’ve been the trusted companions of human beings all over the globe. And this is especially the case in the Arabian deserts of the UAE. 

    Horses are, in particular, beloved and embraced in Arabic culture, partly because of the hot humid conditions, and vast acres of land, that have made horses the most suitable method of transportation for thousands of years. Nowadays, horse activities remain incredibly popular, and there are many resources for finding horse riding lessons in Dubai, as well as the wider Middle East region.

    The history of horse riding in the UAE

    It’s been said that “horses were the Ferrari of the ancient world”. And this is probably most true for the Arabian horse, the most highly sought horse breed in the world. The reason why equestrian traditions have remained with us to this day, despite the advent of modern transportation, is because individuals collectively recognize the value of riding a living creature, as opposed to a machine. 

    The sense of connection you feel with a horse you’re riding offers a visceral connection, in a way that no modern mechanically based transportation method can offer. And this is especially the case in Dubai, because of the surrounding culture. 

    Horse activities in the UAE

    Today, boundless horse racing activities can be found in the UAE. Horse riding lessons in Dubai can be the perfect way to start your adventure in the UAE, allowing you to truly understand why horses play such an integral part of the UAE’s history and culture.

    State-of-the-art facilities have been designed by the UAE government so that the residents can enjoy more horse-riding activities than ever before. All the while, the UAE government has helped nurture a thriving expat and tourist community, with 90% of the residents in Dubai being foreign residents.

    World-class races

    The Dubai World Cup is a Thoroughbred pony race held every year since 1996 and challenged at the Meydan Racecourse.  But it’s not just spectator horse riding events that you can enjoy. 

    In Dubai, you’ll have a huge selection of equestrian clubs that offer different types of activities. These include riding outings, show bouncing and polo horse riding. That’s the thing about the equestrian traditions in Dubai – you have so many options. And due to the level of competition between different equestrian clubs, the quality and standard is always improving. 

    Family-friendly activities

    Dubai is an ideal spot to take a stab at riding with probably the best-qualified teachers you could find. You can take a pony ride through the huge Arabian Deserts or taste some tea or espresso at an equestrian club. 

    Additionally, you can observe the ponies with the possibility of cleaning or taking care of them. If you plan on visiting Dubai with your children, you’ll be glad to know that there’s plenty of child-friendly horse activities on offer. If you plan on staying in Dubai for a longer period, you’ll be glad to know that the local culture is perfectly adapted to help you develop your horse riding skills. In the desert dunes, you’ll be able to start by immersing yourself in exotic and spectacular views and settings that delight at every step of the way. 

    Pristine golden sands will encircle you and your horse, as you make steadfast improvements in your horse riding ability. You can even complement this with stays in the Dune deserts.


    Dubai is an exceptional place for a glimpse into horse riding and equestrian tradition at its finest. With the year-round sunshine, lovely seas, and the multicultural population, Dubai is a traveller’s dream. And counterintuitively, in some ways, a lot of travellers who visit here for the first time often feel at home. If there’s a statement that best represents this part of the world, it’s that “anything is possible”.  Make your horse riding ambitions a reality, and lose yourself in the mysteries and beauty that awaits you in Dubai.

    If you’d like access to an online marketplace where you can find horses and equipment, visit – the leading horses’ marketplace entirely dedicated to serving the equestrian demand in the Middle East.

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