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    Want Your Child To Become A Writer Someday? These Tips Are for You!

    Want Your Child To Become A Writer Someday? These Tips Are for You!

    Has writing always been a passion of yours that you would want to pass down to your children?

    One of the struggles with writing is that not many people are passionate about it, and therefore will not pursue it. If you want your child to become a writer someday, you have to approach it in a way that they enjoy and will embrace.

    Forcing someone into doing something will often result in them resenting it and giving it up after several years. The next question you might ask then, is what can I do to get my child interested in writing? Fortunately, there are many things you can do to open up the world of literature to them.

    Starting them out with books early and getting them comfortable with reading is a great start towards having your child become a writer. Having them actively participate in the writing process ensures that their skills are up to par. Finally, getting them into word games is a great way for them to expand their vocabulary and hone their skills without feeling like they are working on something.

    Here are some great tips to help your child become a writer someday.


    If you want your child to be a successful writer, you have to surround them with literature. Getting them books they enjoy reading ensures that they are actively participating in literature daily. From learning how to form descriptive sentences to building their vocabulary, reading teaches them a lot of things. Not only does reading improve their grammar, but it also builds their creativity which can be used for their own writing later down the line.

    The thing to be careful about with reading, however, is making sure to buy books that are age-appropriate for your child. You would not buy a four-year-old a 300-page book and at the same time you would not buy your older child a kid’s book. Making these sorts of wrong decisions can push your child away from reading and therefore also pushing them away from writing. Reading like any other hobby, must remain that way, so do not try and project your aspirations onto them. Instead, encourage them and guide them along the journey to becoming a writer one step at a time.


    While reading helps to build a foundation of vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar, writing helps to solidify it. Getting your child writing stories and sentences at a young age will get them used to their language early and comfortable with writing. Once again, encourage them to write about their passions and things that interest them. Forcing a child to do something that they are opposed to will result in them hating it and moving on from it.

    Giving them challenges like writing a story about their favorite characters is one that not only promotes creativity in writing but keeps them focused on their interests. Becoming a writer takes a lot of practice and work, so it is imperative that they stick with writing throughout their life. Starting kids off early with writing is a great way to have them become better at their hopeful future career.

    Word Games

    Word games are some of the best ways to have your child improve their reading and writing skills without them feeling like they are working. Games like Scrabble involve them unscrambling words and placing them on the board to generate the most amount of points possible. This will create a fun, competitive environment that encourages growth at the same time. If Scrabble is not their thing, there are also unscramble tools that will allow them to find and see what words can be created by a given set.

    The amazing part of games is that it is fun, and if you can get your child to have fun with these games, the chances of them becoming a writer increase by that much. There are more and more phone games emerging as well, so your child can take these wherever they go and need little to no space to play them. Vocabulary games are some of the best to play for a child that you want to be a writer.

    While you cannot force your child to do something they don’t want to. You can help to guide them down a path with support. If you want to get them involved in writing as they get older, start them young with reading and writing. There is no better practice than seeing actually writing and then actually doing it yourself. To have them learn new words, allow them to play vocabulary games. They will have fun and learn at the same time. Before you know it, your child will be writing the next top hit. What were your favorite books to read growing up?

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