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    2024’s Best States for Singles

    2024’s Best States for Singles

    Springtime is here and ConsumerAffairs released their new report on the Best States for Singles to help people find the ideal location for success.

    Singles eager to go on a weeklong vacation tend to emerge during spring break. However, other individuals might be searching for a more permanent place to call home, which raises the question: What are the best states for singles?

    To determine the best states for singles ConsumerAffairs analyzed data from multiple sources including the U.S. Census, U.S. BEA, and NIBRS, and compared metrics including the percent of the population who are single, the cultural and ethnic diversity, the cost of living and the number of registered sex offenders.

    Key Insights:

    • New York was ranked at #1 for many factors including its high diversity index in the dating pool.
    • Both rural and urban states top our list indicating singles don’t have to live near a big city to find opportunities to connect.
    • The Northeastern and Pacific Coast regions are ideal for singles due to their higher percentage of singles, diversity, higher median incomes and more walkable cities.
    • West Virginia ranked as the worst state for singles because of its low diversity index and lower-than-average median income.


    Click here to view the full report and a detailed description of the best states for singles.


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