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    Plan A Delicious Cinco De Mayo With These Festive Dinner Ideas

    Plan A Delicious Cinco De Mayo With These Festive Dinner Ideas

    Few things, including Cinco de Mayo, scream ‘holiday’ like a festive dinner gathering.

    Commemorating the Mexican army’s victory over French forces, Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture, including Mexican cuisine.

    With varying tastes and diets, there isn’t one right way to prepare a Cinco de Mayo feast. Perhaps yours has a regional twist, healthier swaps, cheaper options, or vegetarian alternatives. Here are a few meal suggestions to help you determine what kind of Cinco de Mayo meal is right for your gathering.

    Give Your Cinco de Mayo a Southwest Spin With Barbecue

    Tex-Mex has become its cuisine, adding a smoky barbecue flair to Mexican classics. Brisket tacos, green chile pulled pork enchiladas, and BBQ shrimp tacos are some Southwest-style Mexican recipes on the Stubbs BBQ site, or check out Schweid and Sons’ collection, which includes Mexican burgers, albondigas, and chipotle chilaquiles con carne.

    Southwest Cinco de Mayo Menu

    Appetizer – Stubbs BBQ’s bar-b-q bacon jalapeno poppers

    Main – Schweid and Sons’ albondigas

    Side – Stubbs BBQ’s bar-b-q nachos

    Dessert – Chili Pepper Madness’ candied jalapenos

    Opt For A Lighter Cinco de Mayo With Healthy Swaps

    As tasty as fried chimichangas and greasy tortilla chips are, many Cinco de Mayo food options are heavier. If you’re looking for clean-eating Cinco de Mayo options, look no further than Cece’s Veggie Co., which includes healthy swaps like riced veggies instead of carbs or flavored cauliflower instead of red meat for a taco filling. For more carb-smart swaps, try Crepini, a healthy crepe option to replace traditional tortillas. Check out their site for Crepini recipes like mahi mahi, carne asada butternut squash tacos, southwestern and salmon tostadas, and vegan quesadillas.

    Healthy Cinco de Mayo Menu

    Appetizer – Crepini’s chicken taco salad bowls

    Main – Crepini’s mahi mahi tacos

    Side – Cece’s Veggie Co.’s riced broccoli

    Dessert – Crepini’s cheesecake “churros”

    Create a Cinco de Mayo Meal Without Breaking The Bank

    Preparing a holiday feast isn’t always easy on the wallet, and with spring shopping and summer vacation coming up, every penny saved counts. If you’re searching for cheap recipes, Budget Bytes and Spend with Pennies have excellent selections, including sandwiches. Get yourself some tacos that clock in at less than $1.50 per serving or enchiladas for under $1 each!

    Budget Cinco de Mayo Menu

    Appetizer – Budget Bytes’ easy taco soup

    Main – Budget Bytes’ green chile chicken enchiladas

    Side – Spend With Pennies’ 5-minute taco dip

    Dessert – Spend With Pennies’ churros

    Cater to Special Diets With A Vegetarian Cinco de Mayo Menu

    Mexican food isn’t just carne asada and al pastor; give veggies some love this Cinco de Mayo with meatless mains like Createkidsclub’s bean and cheese burritos, refried beans and nacho bowls or Dinner At Midnite’s kale tacos, lentil burritos, and Mexican fried rice.

    Vegetarian Cinco de Mayo Menu

    Appetizer – Simply Ingrid‘s mango tomatillo guacamole

    Main – Dinner at Midnite’s lentil burritos

    Side – Createkidsclub’s refried beans

    Dessert – Dinner at Midnite’s Mexican hot chocolate brownies

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