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    Website, Slogan, and Aesthetics: Tips For Developing A Brand

    Website, Slogan, and Aesthetics: Tips For Developing A Brand

    If you have only recently established a small business and are seeking global expansion, you may be wondering what design systems are as well as how to develop your brand.

    It is a common misconception that branding boils down to a recognizable brand name, logo, and slogan. It can, however, be the difference between your company surpassing its competitors and getting lost in the digital divide.

    If you are looking to develop your brand, continue reading to familiarise yourself with a number of helpful tips and tricks.

    Launch a website

    If you have relied on traditional methods of buying and selling, such as operating from a brick-and-mortar storefront, it may never have crossed your mind to launch a website. It can, however, allow you to develop your brand and market your goods and services to your intended target audience in the process. If you are struggling to know where to begin, it may benefit you to research examples of successful websites from well-known brands and incorporate any ideas you stumble upon that you feel would work within your business.

    Do your research

    When it comes to developing your brand, researching your intended target audience as well as your competitors is key. This can provide you with a well-rounded view of the current state of the market and allow you to adjust your strategy as necessary going forward. In order to do so, try finding out as much information as you can when it comes to the goods and services you intend to offer, the type of consumer you intend to target, and relevant social media channels you intend to capitalize on. If you are unfamiliar with the process of buying and selling online, it may also benefit you to browse an e-commerce platform to gain a better understanding of the online shopping experience from start to finish.

    Establish a slogan

    If you want to be remembered by prospective customers within your chosen industry or sector, a slogan can be a great way to boost brand awareness from the very onset. It doesn’t necessarily need to be complex as long as it is short, snappy, and memorable. It can then be published on your business cards, website, social media channels, and even physical advertisements. It is also worth remembering that this can change over time with a number of global brands, such as Pepsi, establishing up to 30 slogans throughout the course of their lifetime so far.

    In order to approach the task with a sense of enthusiasm, try staking your claim, playing around with metaphors, adopting your customers’ attitude, toying with rhyme and rhythm, leveraging labels, and even describing your product literally. If you are struggling to establish a suitable slogan, it may benefit you to ask a friend or family member if they have any ideas worth contributing with a fresh pair of eyes often all it takes to gain a little perspective on the task at hand.

    Choose a look and feel

    If you are looking to expand your business on a global scale, you must choose a look and feel ahead of time. This is, in the simplest of terms, how your company will be represented on a visual level and usually refers to colors, fonts, and typography. In order to choose a color scheme that suits your brand, you must convey a particular feeling and invoke a sense of familiarity in your customers. This can allow them to instantly recognize your business and may even encourage them to return time and time again when made to choose between your brand or that of a competitor in your field. In addition, you must also consider how legible text will be when placed over a black or white background as well as how hues and tones can instantly transform the look and feel of your logo from something that is cold and uninviting to something that is warm and welcoming. To understand how important the look and feel of a brand is, think about a global company and how often you associate the color of their logo with their brand on a wider scale.

    Implement wider changes

    If you have only planned to develop your brand by updating your social media channels or overhauling your website, it may be worth considering how beneficial it would be to implement wider changes on a company-wide scale. This can boost brand awareness in the long run and provide you with a cohesive story across both online and physical branding opportunities that will pave the way for a stronger relationship between you and your loyal customer base.

    If you are looking to develop your brand, there are several steps you must take beforehand. This includes launching a website, doing your research, establishing a slogan, choosing a look and feel, and implementing wider changes.

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    • Ada
      July 19, 2022

      I love the bold branding ideas of many websites, but I don’t like it when style gets in the way of website navigation and user experience. In my opinion, they should always cooperate with each other to make it look practical.

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