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    Job Postings Reveal Loneliest Jobs Across 20+ Industries

    Job Postings Reveal Loneliest Jobs Across 20+ Industries

    Remote jobs aren’t the only ones that can cause loneliness. Many positions in America call for independent work, keeping collaboration to a minimum.

    new study breaks down what job titles and industries are the loneliest on average by collecting data from more than 750,000 Indeed job postings.

    Key findings:

    • Task associates, who stock merchandise at stores, have the loneliest job in America.
    • Paralegals, attorneys, and analysts have some of the highest loneliness scores.
    • Jobs in government, law, public safety, corrections, and environment industries are among the loneliest.
    • Out of the top 20 loneliest jobs, 5 are senior-level positions, which may mean some career fields get lonelier the higher you climb the ladder.
    • People working military jobs are the least likely to be lonely.

    Search interactive charts to see the top 5 loneliest jobs by industry in the study here.

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    Job Postings Reveal …

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