Walking The Line

    Growing up as a longtime fan of line, stripe or zigzag patterns on graphics, animals, or clothing, I came up with the idea, plus a mood board, to experiment with this type of fashion, for the very first time with any model who was open. It didn’t matter if it was urban, chic, sporty, or the other endless genres of fashion, as long as its main design was of line, stripes, or zigzag patterns. This photoshoot was also the first time I met aspiring model, Lupe Olea. The shoot took place on June 8, 2018, at J.F Brick Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Photographer: Denardo Lee Gastin (D.L.Gital) | Instagram: @dlgital | YouTube: | Facebook:

    Model: Lupe Olea | Instagram: @lupelorrrd

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      Walking The Line

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