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    10 Great Ways To Celebrate and Share About Earth Day

    10 Great Ways To Celebrate and Share About Earth Day

    Earth Day is an important reminder of the changes we need to make now.

    We should make caring for the planet a high priority, and we need to share the enthusiasm about doing so with others, especially the younger generation. This year, make a point to pick at least one fun way to celebrate the planet and learn how we can help protect it going forward.

    “Most people will let Earth Day pass without giving it much thought,” explains Stephon Stewart, theorist and author. “But we can change that. We can use the day to help raise awareness about the issues facing our environment and show people how to make positive changes.”

    Often, people don’t think about environmental changes until someone introduces them to them. Everyone interested in protecting the planet can play an essential role in helping to spread the message and recruit others to the cause. Here are some fun ways to celebrate and share about Earth Day:

    • Post on social media to let people know some facts about Earth Day and things they can do to help care for the planet. For example, make the next car you buy an electric one and save water usage daily.
    • Get involved in a beach or community cleanup. Join one that has already been planned, or take the initiative to organize one.
    • Read a book related to environmentalism or give one to someone. A good pick is “Dry,” by Stephon Stewart, which offers a sci-fi look at what the planet will be like if we don’t change our environmental habits now.
    • Hold a small group event or Earth Day birthday. Keep the whole event environmentally friendly and provide information about caring for the planet.
    • Contact a local elementary school and offer to do a free presentation on recycling so that kids begin learning such actions at a young age.
    • Plant a tree in the yard or community and encourage others to plant a tree in honor of the special day.
    • Get involved with local environmental organizations or donate to support the work they do.
    • Attend a community Earth Day festival to support vendors and speakers sharing positive vibes and goods to help protect the planet.
    • Choose one thing to change this year that will benefit the planet. This can be anything from reducing driving or recycling more to opting for Meatless Mondays to purchasing more second-hand items over new ones.
    • Pick an area of your community to “adopt,” and keep clean on a regular basis. Once a month, do a clean up of the area, and plant some native wildflowers if possible.

    “We have to make changes to protect our environment, and it starts with us,” added Stewart. “Books are eye-opening and will inspire people to make changes, I encourage people to read more.”

    Many people are not aware of the dire threat the planet is facing due to global warming. We are witnessing ecosystems disappearing, wetlands being lost, forests being cut down, and the coral reefs are dying. Our oceans are losing ice caps, being overfished, and having more plastic particles than natural material in some areas. Our lifestyles and desire for more are leading to an all-out war on nature and leading to climate change.

    Stewart’s book, written for ages 13 and up, helps put things into perspective. The story focuses on a farmer and his daughter’s journey to find water to survive because the Earth has dried up due to global warming. Readers will learn through an adventure depicted in images about the impact that each of us has on helping to address the problem, which scientists say is human-caused.

    We are constantly reminded not to take Earth for granted throughout the story as we see troubling visuals of our planet without oceans and agriculture. We know the future of the alarming consequences of climate change and what would happen if we continued to allow Earth’s atmosphere to remain in a vulnerable state. See how the story ends and read the 186-page graphic novel for yourself. “Dry” is out everywhere now and available worldwide at Barnes and NobleAmazon, and

    About Stephon Stewart

    Stephon Stewart is a director, writer, artist, and academic. The stories Stewart creates are metaphysical narratives and fantasy thrillers that implement Nostradamus themes. His concern for the future of humanity has inspired him to write a trilogy of scripts called DRY, WET, and ICE. Stewart’s original adventure fantasy script, DRY, was adapted into a 186-page graphic novel with art by David Cousens and lettering by Kuen Tang. DRY was acquired by one of the UK’s leading publishers in the industry, Markosia, and is now available at TARGET, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Stewart’s artistic vision is to inspire humanity to remain hopeful and active in the clean energy transformation for Earth. At the same time, his passion has directed him toward exploration in both science and environmental ethics. This passion led him to paint on canvas depictions of what may happen to the Earth if we don’t care for our planet. Today that art is on apparel with climate change messaging: Global Transfiguration. In between filmmaking and writing, Stewart has continued his studies in physics. He has been published in the Open Journal for Biophysics, based on a theory he’s developed with a neuroscientist to unblock blood vessels and clogged arteries to extend life:

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